A few members have mentioned some problems with certain functions on the site. Specifically, some people having trouble sending messages from their inbox - and some people whose buttons to update or delete things not quite doing what you'd expect.


It appears these issues are caused by problems inherent in the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9. Unfortunately, the problem is in the Microsoft software, and not something we can control at MyQuiltPlace.com. But, we can tell you how to avoid the problems from the new version of Internet Explorer - both on MyQuiltPlace.com and other sites.


Here's what you'd want to do:


Identify what version you are using. When you have IE open, look for an icon that looks like a small gear near the top of the program. It might look something like the blue icon below:

Some versions will also have the words "tools" or "settings" next to it. You will want to look for a link that reads "help" or "about internet explorer". This should open a window that explains what version you have.


If you are using any version of Internet Explorer other than IE9, there is nothing else you'll need to do.


If you have Internet Explorer 9 - this is what you can do.

1. Click on the "tools" button in your menu. It will look like this:

If you don't see this in your program, right click in the grey area to the left of the home/house icon. Make sure you select "Menu Bar".


2. After clicking "Tools", click the "Compatibility View Settings" text. This will open a window that looks like this:

3. Here, you can choose to enter myquiltplace.com into the box - and click "add". Or, if you are having problems on other sites as well, select the "Display all websites in Compatibility View.


There is one other option to avoid these issues. You could use Firefox or Chrome - both of which do not have these issues found in the IE9 software.


Any questions or problems, please comment on this thread so we can all learn from one another!




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Thank you so much!  It's a great solution!

The other option is just to uninstall IE9 and you'll automatically be back to IE8 without having to re-install it.  I uninstalled IE9 because I was having problems with several other websites as well.  I'm using VISTA which may also be contributing to the problem.

Thanks again!

Thanks - hope this helps everyone!

It works! Thank you!

I was having trouble with my "answers" in e mail were being directed to a friend who was not the intended recipient. I was unaware of the version 9 problems . Thanks to your very clear-to-newbie instruction, I may now have solved the problem . I'll keep you posted.

I just use Safari whenever I want to use my quilt place. I have window 7 and ie9.  I like ie9 for most things but it creates some issues with mqp and also I have had issues with some facebook apps when using ie9.

I think their solution worked, I got my swap list now. I also have foxfire, but was just more cnvernient to use IE as it was on my "favourites" ...didn't even know IE 9 was the system on our computor.Live & learn:)

l don't know if there is a problem with my connection/computor, or what, but l get previews on my email and the comments at the discussion group site are yesterdays. l seem to be able to comment, just not see the most recent postings in the groups. Jeanne in Switzerland has found her newest comments have disappeared. Perhaps everything will be be back to normal tomorrow.

Ok, I'm sorry, but am still having difficulties...I added post/comments tues 10/23 and then on 10/24, i couldn't see them...on my page or the discussion (so I'm kinda sure I wasn't deleted from group)...I did above and ours is IE8, not 9. Any other suggestions? First time I've had difficulties of this sort. Appreciate input before I 'bug" IT person...

Heip! My tutorial blog "Taming those ununiform blocks" has disappeared! I did the "fix" thing for Internet Explorer Friday. My email problems regarding a swap cleared up. On Tues. I spent the entire afternoon working on the blog, complete with photos. I posted it Tues. P.M. Got a comment on it from a friend on site, so I know that after I'd saved draft, edited it, then pressed "post" that it actually came up. I saw the notification & checked at the time . Next day....gone. I did not delete it. I haven't got a copy, and it, of course is no longer on the edit/draft area of "my blogs".Can the site people help? Posted @ 5;30 p.m. Eastern standard time.

Riana, that's what I'm talking about too-not blog but comment on a discussion, saw it post Tues afternoon (before 4:30 pm est) and then wasn't there Weds, nor today. I'm not worried about recovering it, but still missing entry. Hope they are able to help you with yours.

Thanks, l hope so too. It took a lot of time to get the tute ready, and l don't have a copy...wish l'd printed off a copy for my sewing journal.


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