I just bring it in from the car after he's gone to bed. He never goes into my sewing room so once it's on the shelves he'd never notice any more fabric. He is however noticing that there seems to be more shelves.

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i also collect cookbooks. not so much now, since i find sooo many recipes online. but i literally have shelves of cookbooks. some old, some new, all beloved. i even have one from Khazakhstan that tells me how to properly butcher a sheep and how to prepare the delicacy of horse rectum. ~~~hahaha~~~ my husband used to be in the OSIA and travelled frquently to the countries of the former Soviet Union. got some ... ummm ... interesting gifts from those places.

i have done a few recipe searches online...but when planning something special i love to sit down with a cup of tea and read thru a cook book. i too, have shelves and shelves of them and of course there are so many people fr diff countries at the various jobs we have been on so i have turkish etc cookbooks given to us fr co-workers. i also have them from the late 1800s and early 1900s ...love to read them like one would sit and read a novel.

i used to use mine lots more, but since i had to give up eating so many things in them, i find online a little more useful. i used to weigh 275 lbs. lost 129 lbs with healthier eating and exercise. so i avoid lots of things like white flour, white rice, white bread, white sugar, etc etc etc. but, i do enjoy the new lifestyle we have adopted and i am learning to adapt many fav recipes to healthier options. but, i often find it faster to look online, cut-n-paste, then update, rather than having to type it all out from the old cookbooks and then update.

hmmmm...type it all out...does that mean that my books are not supposed to have all those little stains on them...does that mean that i was supposed to type it all out and update....not figure it on the fly and ...lollollollol....

never been much of one for following the rules...oh well.

good for you on the lifestyle change. i have always been physically active...high metabolism..even tho as i have gotten older wt has become something i need to watch..esp in winter when can't get out except maybe a walk if not too lazy :). and don't much care for bread..don't eat sandwiches and even bake with brown sugar not white so i have been lucky in the wt gain dept.

i used to be able to do minor changes in my cookbooks or on my recipe cards. but, with sooo much needing to be altered, it is just easier to print out a sheet with it entirely updated.

i had some serious health issues that the danged doctors didn't figure out and it took over 20 years to gain the weight and to find the problems. despite me comstantly telling them what was wrong. turned out to be sort of simple to fix, except that sooo much damage was done that it was a slow road to recovery and eventually losing weight. final impetus was a cat developing diabetes and giving me an epiphany

sounds like me. sick for years. and i am the kind that just ignores..try diff things. alter diet, change activity level. drink more tea lollol. but got to the point that i was scared. things got bad fast. took them a few more years and a whole lot of money and they finally came up with a couple of diagnoses. no cure. just progression. but i still can't [read==won't :))] sit down. i just am too hyper to sit and be sick. makes dh a little upset...so try to behave when he is home....so i am sooooo glad when mon comes...he goest to work and i go crazy!! lollollo...if i can. sometimes my 'forever flu' [what i have decided to call it since the dx is diff to explain to people :(] takes over and i am down for the count. thas' ok tho ....there will be another day... :))

you sound like me. ;-) why take to our bed ... when a little sit down at the sewing machine will rest me most days. ~~hehe~~ on bad days i do less. on good days i do more. on really bad days i feed me, feed critters, & veg in front of TV until things hurt less enough to do anything more. but, most times i can at least lean back in comfy quilt and crochet or hand quilt. my sweet husband also gets frustrated with me at times when he is trying to get me to rest and i'm puttering, sometimes more like sputtering or putt-puttering with the starts-stops fo trying to get everything working ok. but, hey, life is good & i plan on trying to squeeze every bit of good out of it that i can, even if some of it is a little bit painful or tiring. better sore or tired than bored or useless


I'm at the beginning stages of making these types of helath changes.  It helps me to know that it actually does improve with time and effort. I am finally no longer gaining weight, but I have not started to lose any yet. A problem thyroid is not helping and that I no onger work outside of my home doesn't either.  No walking around the office or going on youth trips. I'm trying to get excited about walking and exercise, like I was years ago, but at 50 I just don't get that excited about it any more.  I have had to cut out all wheat (gluten containing foods), but I find that I can bake just as easily and enjoy rice, corn or other forms of flour that I don't seem to cut out the carbs.  Unfortunately the more I try not to buy junk food, the more candy and chips my husband seems to think we need.  If it says gluten free he brings it home thinking he is helping, but these empty calories are worse than the gluten as far a weight loss.  Do yu have any good suggestions after having gone through this?

i do not have the gluten issue. but, i did change to whole grains, and there are flours other than wheat that come that way, too. do you have a gluten sensitivty? if not, there are better options for losing weight. gluten-free is really only recommended for those with gluten intolerance.
as for junkfood, i am a total junkie and chocoholic! but, i found there are many options out there that are sugar-free or no-sugar-added. i buy low-salt or salt-free chips, snacks, and nuts. i do not try to be perfect, i just try to do better.
as for walking, try to do it in small increments, instead of trying to do it all at once. if you like to watch tv, do your walking during the commercials. that is how i started. now i generally do it in 5 min sessions around my quilting and houshold chores. i usually do 45 min of quilting, 10 min or household, and 5 min of walking or dancing or exercising. then do it all over again, several times per day.
i also suggest drinking lots of water to flush away the fat and toxins, as well as help keep you hydrated and add a little fullness to your tummy. i found drinking water before i started eating each meal or snack helped me eat less. i also drink water before and after exercising. doesn't have to be a glassfull. don't overdo it and make yourself feel sick. just take a couple of good swallows.
portion size is is also important. at home what i did when i started was to serve myself a usual portion, then putting 1/2 of it back. when we ate out, i asked for a take home box at beginning of meal, then put 1/2 my meal in it to eat for lunch next day. i also never took seconds.
i found eating several times a day worked well for me. i ate breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a midafternoon snack, dinner, and then had an evening snack or dessert during the evening. breakfast is usually small consisting of whole grains and fruit. midmorning snack usually fruit or yogurt or sugar-free pudding. lunch mostly salad or fruit. afternoon snack frequently something chocolate or sweet. dinner was often lots o fruits and/or veggies, with a small portion of chicken or fish (once in a while some lean beef or pork). evening snack or dessert could be a variety of things from popcorn to pie, trying to keep small portions, low-salt, and no-sugar.
if you have questions, please feel free to ask me by msg. in fact, if you msg me, i will give you my email and you can ask me privately

So funny, Elizabeth!  I recently ordered some whole bolts of fabric, snuck them into my studio, and it took my husband a couple of weeks to notice.  

I have several whole bolt pieces,, but I have discovered that by the time I use them up I am so tired of them I will not do that again unless I know I will use them up in a hurry.  One of my friends, many years ago told me i could not be a quilter unless I kept a huge stash of fabrics, so I like an idiot started collecting sale fabrics instead of sticking to my usual methodology of buying what I needed for a specific project or buying specialty indigenous fabrics while I was traveling.  Now I have the stash of fabrics and I am sick of them.  I now tell people not to buy fabrics unless they now how they will be using them so that they do not get stuck with lots of odd pieces that never get used.  The stash will grow itself with the scraps of left overs and the gifts and pieces that we decide not to use or that are not quite right after we try them out anyway.

There are only so many cotton duck aprons and peach paisley's that one can have before it is time to get rid of them or create freebies for donations.

debbie - i agree w what you are telling your friends now. i have only bought three bolts of fabric in the last nearly 30 yrs. two of them black...most recent at xmas - black. so much easier, tho maybe not as cool - spelled "organic" - as a mix of blacks...oh well...got that too. but i like black. when getting down to big scraps..buy another bolt. the other bolt i bought was a floral for son's quilt. had difficult time finding what i had in mind...when finally found large amount of continuous yardage i bought what they had...one, almost full - bolt.


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