I just bring it in from the car after he's gone to bed. He never goes into my sewing room so once it's on the shelves he'd never notice any more fabric. He is however noticing that there seems to be more shelves.

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If he didn't have to put up the shelves, he should have anything to complain about, Right?????


A friend of mine just went through a hugh remodel and her husband became fully aware of her stash.  It is funny now seeing the creative ways she can take fabric into her home.  I am so lucky that my husband is very supportive of my quilting addiction.  I will make a scrap quilt once in a while and I make a big deal about it so he nows I am getting the most out of my fabric.  (He loves that).  He has not suggested my attending a Quilting Anonymous meeting as of yet.  He is just enjoying my passion for quilting and just gets up and goes to work.    LOL... O' if he only new

lollollol that is great! when we were visiting at thanksgiving i spent the first day w/elderly q friend. left with a bag of scraps. when he came out of the shower that night he found me sitting in the floor quietly and happily sorting thru and folding my newest treasure trove. [i do miniatures mostly] then he said...you have a serious problem..you know that?...i said...so if it was rusty metal it would be you sitting here lollollol [he does ornamental blacksmithing]   guess we both have our 'issues' lollollol

my husband collects rocking chairs, so i just remind him of all of them ;-]

heeheee that is right up there with 'rusty metal' ....isn't it great when 'they' have a little tic too? lollol

mine has also discovered guns and shooting ... which is okay on several levels since i like it too. but, having a husband with a pricey hobby and/or one that takes up space sure does take the pressure off a quilting woman. ~~~hahaha~~~

lollol...amen to all that you said. love it!!!

I had the same problem. We built a new house and I turned two spare bedrooms into a sewing room. DH put shelves in the two closets the width of the room. Had to be two closets because of the width. I had double doors and lights installed. As I unpacked I sorted and refolded all my fabrics by color. Only trouble is he can now see exactly how much I have. Almost shocked myself. I just finished a kingsized quilt top which I bought new fabric for. I've made myself a promise that the next one will come from my stash. No more new fabric till I use some of what I have.

uh...hmmmm... i think i see a simple solution to his being able to see how big your little stash is. keep the doors closed on those closets. but then again, since hubbys are so in love with their belief that they be the "logical ones" in our partnerships, point out to him that because of the sorting by color, print, size of print. sorting by asian, batik, repro yadayadayada ...it only seems like a lot. whereas the real truth lies in the very serious fact, that whatever is pulled out of that little stash..has to have the exactly RIGHT fabric to put with it. ergo...trip to fabric heaven ...er will probably have to buy a bit more to fill in the gaps. yaayyyy! er... sigh..

i taught mine this simple, albeit complex enough logic chain, to entertain his little engineering need for complex answers to simple realities. :))

no problems.

he helps me shop.

and after fussy cutting last night and most of morning on a lovely floral that i bought much more than i intended because of his insistence that i do. i am sooooo glad. may barely have enough left for another project i had in mind for it. so bless you dear hubbs!! lol
my fabric is all out in the open. and hubby doesn't mind 'cause he has developed addiction to guns and tools ;-) so, we just give each other space and life goes on. besides, he loves my quilts and i like tools, plus we both love guns
good luck with the no new fabric plan ~~hehe~~

sigh!!! i have a terrible problem w/my dh and fabric...when he's away on a job he goes to fleamkts & auctions and buys me antique fab and antique cookbooks...and trust me..it is not all good lollollol

quilt fabric stores are another issue...he "helps" me shop...i always end up just skipping the list and buying more than i intended to.

for many years every time his company packed us up to go to nxt job...he would say 'are you taking all that fabric again! you never do anything with it!' and then along came my first quilts...then he noticed the soft sculpture dolls that i made and had been making ...but now they were going to his family members and friends..

so now he is my quiltfabricbuying buddy!


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