I just bring it in from the car after he's gone to bed. He never goes into my sewing room so once it's on the shelves he'd never notice any more fabric. He is however noticing that there seems to be more shelves.

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My biggest problem right now is we are about to move to a new house and I noticed the moving consultant added a few comments. Such as large quilting room with special equipment needing extra attention. Also large containers of fabric. Hubbys comment was this is going to cost extra LOL. On the other hand I am getting a beautiful large new sewing room. He doesn't really object to my HABIT but I'd just as soon he not know exactly what I do spend on it.

What he doesn't know wont hurt him, right????? Anyway, there are worse habits that we could have.

Yes, my name is Kathy and I'm addicted to fabric.


they say the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. but, i see no problem & who wants to recover??? ~~hehe~~


lolloll....hello my name is pam and i am, too, addicted to fabric!!!

but, do you really really really want to get over it???

absolutely NOT!!!!!...besides it is winter..it is snowing...i can't go out and work on the irrigation lines..or prune trees or or or...and the power is still on today and the internet finally came back on....so...onward ...to indulge in my quilting mania!!! [that is if i can ever get off of here...have logged out 3 times now...and then ck my email and have to go back to this thread or another...sigh! life can be so harsh ...]

i am getting to play online a bit, 'cause i am doing my computer stuff. writing political article, printing out church sunday bulletins, personal letters, etc etc etc. so i do this-n-that in between, while stuff loads, prints percolates in my brain, and so on

yah..i need to do a little design wk in eq and needed to upload xmas etc pics so i have room for our lovely scenic snowy day pics on my cam. went out few hrs ago but batt dead...had 6in then and have gotten a few more since then. so...here i sit on pc..first fun playday on here in long long time...hmmmm since i am not getting much else done..maybe i will ck in on chat too...quilt friend in holland just had her first grchild lst week...WOOHOOO!!!! she's an oma now!!! :))

no I never want to get over it. My name is Betty and I'm addicted to fabric.

absolutely not! as suzann asks in her comment above --- see no problem. so why recover? fabric another way to spell manna .. :))

It does sun fade and dry rot after so long and the fibers become brittle or lose their sheen.  Then it is more difficult to enjoy, but still can be used to help others finish their UFO's.

Betty, my addiction to fabric only comes in after my being a chocoholic ~~hehe~~ but, i really see no reason to admit there is a problem, 'cause i don't see no problem ;-)


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