I just bring it in from the car after he's gone to bed. He never goes into my sewing room so once it's on the shelves he'd never notice any more fabric. He is however noticing that there seems to be more shelves.

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i think it depends on the quilter. i love my stash and i am inspired by it. i really never met a fabric i didn't like. there is always some place or use for it, even if it is just making Halloween haunted house denizens ;-) and, i never get tired of the fabrics. i find they are all new again when put with other fabrics from when i used them before. but, i also have learned that i am kind of unusual in that way. more quilters are probably like Debbie
i agree with you suzanne...when you take out and put with a new set of choices for new project...the old looks soooo goood. that's when i sometimes wish i had bought a bit more. and i love ny stash. not very big...but big enough to go "shopping" in :)). but still...i don't buy bolts, except for black because i use so much of it. so on the bolt of fabric thing i feel like debbie does.
i will buy bolts or partial bolts if price is excellent AND it is one of my go-to type fabrics like black-n-white or green leaves
do you use a lot of blk & wht? i am collecting...but so far i haven't ever bought more than a couple of yards at a time. i don't do as much as you do...so, my bolt of black will last me several years. wish that i had more time...i love creating...whether it be quilts or just "stuff" like the machine cover last fall. oh well...life ain't over yet!! lol
i love to use black-n-white, as well as those using cream, gray or red mixed in. i have several "collections" of these colors. for using alone, mixing-n-matching, or coordinating with other colors and fabrics. I have an entire shelf dedicated to my black-n-white, plus another shelf where my red-black-n-white shares with my oriental.
i haven't seen too many blk/wht w reds (which would have to be the "right" red). that i like. i love mixing.. but every color in the print or blend or whatever has to be "right". if it is even only borderline like...i know i will probably never use...so i don't buy. i don't have that many fab shopping opportunities where i am now...so it's gotta be love at first sight in order for me to drag home.
i have gotten to the point i am less picky about how perfect all colors are. if it gives an overall pleasing effect, i am good. i do much more primitive quilts than most quilters, so perfection does not top my list.

my mother is/was a perfectionist about colors veing an exact match and about things being perfec tin general. consequently, she did not/does not enjoy quilting/sewing like i do. i made a concious effort to not be obsessive about my quilts. colors, fabrics, stitches, everything. i just go with the flow ... and it seems to work. ;-)
also, i pretty much never ever found a red-black-white fabric i didn't like ~~hehe~~
I love doing red, black, and white. Did a king size split log cabin quilt for our bed. Did a black, white, and red for grandson, plus have a red and black planned to do soon.
My husband doesn't mind what I buy now. I am stocked up for awhile so he doesn't really know how much I have in my sewing room. He can see some of it when he walks into my room but not what is in the drawers.


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