We were in a nice quilt shop the other day, and I expressed my interest in supporting my newly retired wife's renewed "addiction." My comment was that part of my role, besides being the sewing machine mechanic was to do the pin-basting. They looked at me like I was from another planet. Then my wife and I figured it out - These women had not the first clue about hand-quilting. Much has happened to the craft over the last 18 years of my wife's hiatus. We may be throw-backs, but we're glad to be "back" none-the-less!

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Welcome to My Quilt Place, Phil and wife:) , yes, those of us who hand quilt are a minority group now...but there are enough of us on here to have formed a group ( Hand Quilters), and l hope you join us if you have not already done so. We have male quilters here as well, so if you decide to join in the fun, you'll have company. 

I'll bet there'd be more hand quilters plying their needles if they had a pin basting spouse...mine has made sure my fingers don't get too softened by supplying me with a dish washer:) l do machine quilting as well as hand.

Although l love hand quilting, sometimes we need extra sturdy quilts for children and institutional use, so l now do both.

Phil, I am in a group that makes quilts for children/teens at risk.  We occasionally sell quilts for fundraising.  Several of the ladies hand quilt and we all know what pin basting means.

hi phil & welcome to mqp. i am a bit of an anachronism also. i gave up on pin basting in the early 90’s. i thread baste for both my machine & hand quilting. regardless of the size of the project. doesn't take that long. if it takes a while to complete project, no rust. there is also a hand quilting group here @ mqp.
Thanks for your replies - I'm glad that we're not quite as strange as I was thinking ;-)

I machine quilt all my quilts because I can't hand quilt--but I still pin baste everything (I can't use a stand up quilting frame either--) the pin basting holds everything together so nicely with no puckers (if you do it right) and is invaluable. It hasn't gone totally out of style--and after talking to many people at Quilt Fest there are so many that are going back to the sit down machine quilting for the same reason I am---as long as you guys are enjoying what you do--hurray!!!

I think that over the years there has been a greater emphasis on speed quilting - quilt in a day and the like - rather than the leisurely necessity it used to be.  In some ways I believe that this adds to the stress of daily life rather than providing a welcome respite from the rush and bustle.  My husband Andy knows a lot about quilting, too, can tell the difference between applique and reverse applique, is not too fond of abstract work (I am!) and likes the pictorial journal quilts I make.  Why journal quilts?  I have six quilts packed away at home and live on a sailboat, currently anchored in Beaufort, North Carolina.  Welcome to My Quilt Place.


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