I just read "Still Alice" by LIsa Gavin.  It's a quick read and I read it in one day.   I highly recommend it, very thought provoking.

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Hello Sue,

I read this book a few years ago and I too would recommend it to just about anyone.. I have tried to encourage family members to read it but they said it just sounds too depressing to be an enjoyable read. I think you said it best when you said it was thought provoking.... 

unfortunately, I got the authors name wrong, the first name is Lisa, but her last name isn't gavin and  I'm not sure what it is.   But the book was very good and I think it said it was the author's first book.

Hi again Sue,

Her name is Lisa Genova, yes it was her first book. She has published a new one, it is called Left Neglected. I have read it, it's a good read but I personally found it unsettling, I think mainly because the main character is younger and the circumstances she finds herself in are quite common, but again, Lisa Genova manages somehow to really get inside how it feels very vividly.  (I don't want to give too much away in case you buy the book yourself).

Happy reading, what are you reading at the moment?


right now I am reading a "fluff" book by Rosamunde Pilcher,  "Winter Solstice".   Her books always have everything turn out just perfect.  I will definately look for Lisa's other book.


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