Hope you all have a wonderful day, whatever you doing, sun is shining here, we have been lucky up to now, had 2 weeks of sunshine, the only worry is... is this our summer?, and will it all go down hill from now on... we only just in May and its scary!!!! lol

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Where do you live?  I'm in the Atlanta, Georgia area, we've just been through some interesting storms.  All is peaceful today although it did turn a little cooler.
Hi i am in North Wales U.K. by the sea, we had 2 weeks of summer weather so far... just hope this isnt our ' summer '

How nice to meet someone from "across the pond"!  Hopefully, you will have some more summer weather soon.  Here in the southern US, we are just getting started.  I'm originally from a little further south (southeast Louisiana about 45 miles north of New Orleans, Louisiana), that area gets really hot and humid in the summer (subtropical climate).  I have to admit that I do enjoy the slightly cooler weather here.



hi vicky, seems there is no one here on the forum..from this part of the world...dont like it too hot myself, we are going on holiday 1st june to greece, been before and we love it there, and its hot!! but have decided on cotton strappy dresses to wear, save messing about with seperates..cant wait to go....
Another sunny day here in U.K. Hope you all have a good day...been making some fabric bowls this morning when i should really be doing housework... but it will be there tomorrow!!! lol
We had ONE day of sun!  I live on the North Oregon Coast, so sun isn't something you see very often here.  It's perfect quilting weather year-round!
what a great excuse bridget!!! well i did the ironing this morning, so thats out of the way.. now i can play!!!!got a fabric box to sew up but can do that watching tv. have a great day


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