This swap will be for beginner quilters and beyond.
SIZE: 12.5 inches un-finished blocks
NUMBER OF SQUARES: It takes 12 blocks for a quilt, make 12, keep one, send 11 in and you will get 11 back. If there are more than twelve we will either all make a extra few to match the signup # or fill out a second group of twelve for those who would like to be in 2 groups.
FABRICS: Bright colors on a background that is not white
DESIGN: Chickens or Roosters
TECHNIQUE: pieced, paper pieced, appliqué or combination pieced and applique .
SWAP METHOD: Centralized. That means your blocks will be sent to me - ( send me a friend request so I can send you my address if you don't already have it.)
POSTAGE:Along with your blocks send me a STAMPED self-addressed FLAT RATE envelope. I will use this to send the blocks back to you.
SIGN UP DEADLINE : October 23.The goal is to have 12 joiners or more so that you will get back at least 11 different blocks.
SIGN UP: To sign-up post a comment to this discussion and send me a friend request if I am not on your friends list.Once you are signed up I will message you my address and you can do the same through a MQP message. It is a good idea not to post your address in the discussion because anyone, even those not in the swap can see it.
MAIL IN DEADLINE: ALL blocks must be in my hands by January 15. If you can get them done early, send them!
If you join and can not complete your blocks please notify me as soon as possible so the rest of the group is not waiting on your blocks. If life happens to throw a curve ball your way it is ok to cancel out, there's always next time! 

I will throw a shout out once a week to make sure you are all still with us, please shout back.

If I have left anything out, or you have any questions, please ask!

1. Connie Wilkerson - Reginald

2. Chef Lisa - Ricky

3. Carla Walton - Rock - Received

4. Kenya Hampton - Robert - Received

5. Beth North - Hilda

6. Mary-Anne Buist - Received

7. Paula Sizemore #2 or #3

8.Chris Michele #6 or Rascal - Received

9. Cheri Foster - Rob Roy

10. Melody Gould #5

11. Kim Ireland - Roger

12. Vickie Brace - Raj

13. Riana Noyes - "Fresh Eggs" - Received

14. Rhonda Wride - Rowdy

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can't wait to see the photo...................before I leave Arizona - if I can find time I would like to make some embroidered Roosters - potholder for all of us in the group - got an awesome pattern the other day and my head started spinning with like you Chef - I will get around to it might take some time - so will likely start them after the New to go and set up my machcine as we just arrived back at our rental for the winter here in Arizona - time to get to work on a few things :-)

Oh my's absolutely stunning!

The pictures I just posted are the ones Chef did to complete our rooster exchange. When I got the package and got to looking I was not surprised that they were needle turned. That's how Lisa rolls. Beautiful..... but then I thought how on earth did she get a piece of fabric to work so well with those black and white roosters. Then it dawned on me....OMG....SHE did this!!! Holy cow that is actually white fabric that she drew on...... all those tiny lines, circles.... all of it... is hand drawn in the Zen tangle method. Astounding. Now I have the wrenching task of deciding which one I HAVE to give to Kenya. Lola. Beautiful work chef!!!  I won't post on Facebook until Kenya gets hers so it doesn't spoil it for her.

I had so much fun doing them. Connie got one too and I'm working on Mary-Anne's. Thank you I wanted something really different and I couldn't do an exact duplicate. I just doodle n try to balance did n lights.

Gorgeous, Chef! What an artist you are! What a decision for you, Carla! 

Chef I am sorry it took so long to post. been working 40 plus lately. by the time i'm off I can't hold up a camera. I have not sewn, done my blocks or anything....just too tired. I made one microwave bowl today and that's all I managed. smh.....but I will get back to it soon.

Don't fell bad! I've been trying to keep up on two houses and am so tired I can barely move Glad I got all my boys to help trim n clean pool deck cause I was just whipped! It looks great n I still have some planting to do. My girlfriend is going to rent her house out now n I'll be keeping an eye on it. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer n hubby now needs heart work so I told them I'll get the house under control. They would do it for me!
One good thing they are treating us to a vacation next year after DH gets better. They have a vacation home in NC for us to stay at for two weeks. Doing nice things for others do come back as a nice trip after all.
They are the nicest people. Kind of like Connie and George! I want to visit them again that's so pretty there!

I love these roosters, they are gorgeous.

This how they start!
My board is large enough to use for pinning then the other side has a padded fabric for pressing. DH had a nice size piece of good wood I convascated for my drawings n EPP. Fits perfect in my quilting bag.

You are so talented! I would never have the vision to be able to do that.

yay - went out today and bought the sashing fabric for my roosters and butterflies - hopefully I can get it all put together in the next week.  Will post a pic when they are done.  Feeling Happy now after procrastinating a day about what to do LOL....


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