What is your favorite method for making Flying Geese?  I've just recently started using the folding, 3D, 1 seam method & I love it.  What do you prefer?

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jennifer...is this a new pattern or something for pleasure? looking forward to seeing it. i freemotion on a domestic, & like you colette, i slow down on thick areas seams etc.

all boys testosterone ooze....sounds like you amd jennifer have fun households. i only had one child, one son and a house full of guy all the time from preteens to teen years and beyond. so much energy! i miss it.

It's for the setting of my Basket Cats quilt.  I'm finally getting it all together.  I'll be sure to post pics if I don't get distracted - squirrel!  And start back working on something else.

I am quilting on a Juki mid-arm with a frame.  It's fast and fun.  I'd love to graduate to a real long arm someday.....

Love my boys, but they sure are exhausting!  They're 14, 8, and 3.  That means I've had a preschooler in the house for 14 years.

Have a super day!

OMG Jennifer that is exhausting.  I currently have a 2 1/2 month, a 4 year old and a 5 1/2 year old.  Some day they will grow up and move out.  But I wouldn't trade a day of mud, bed jumping, telling me that I am their favorite dance partner, they love my waffles for anything in the world. I so much more appreciate them than when my children were small.  They bring a smile on my face continuously.  The best part?  I have a 40 something year old little boy too!

Wow!  You really have your hands full with all those little ones.  Never a dull moment, I'll bet.  I love my babies, too.  My oldest just got into a new program for high school next year, Vance Medical Academy.  I'm such a proud Mama!

That is very cool!  I am just trying to survive kindergarten and pre school again.  Right now the oldest wants to be a doctor he loves science and is constantly finding something to read about bats, snakes, dinosaurs.  The middle one he says he wants to be an astronaut.  I don't remember having career aspirations at 4 and 5.  :)

Me either.  I didn't figure out what I wanted to do until I was 40.  :)  Go kids!

been watching here...are you going to poast a pic or two of one of the kitties w their geese flying around? just askin' :))

Here's a pic of how my "flock of geese" came out.  I'm really pleased!  I can't wait to finish the top and see how it all quilts.

Love them, and the green batik for the geese body is terrific.  How absolutely beautiful.

Thank you, Colette.  I love the green batik.  I'm selling this fabric in my online shop.  I call it "gorgeous green batik"!  Have a super day!


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