What is your favorite method for making Flying Geese?  I've just recently started using the folding, 3D, 1 seam method & I love it.  What do you prefer?

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The trouble w/ youtube is the loading. Like others, it takes 5 min. of "buffering" for 30 sec. of video. Too bad our devises can't just "record" the video, similar to pdf. downloads, then we could all enjoy them. Anyway, I too have done them "the old way"...but I'm always ready to try another method, especially if the end product is better (ie; accurate) rather than "quick":)

yeah...agreed...so i print put pdf's...quick reference, easier to share too than video.

I like the "flying geese by 4" method using a big square and 4 small squares.

i do too. a member of my local quilt group taught me that last year. and it can be done to look sorta scrappy which i like. it is so easy, so accurate - and no waste...i love it.

I also prefer the one seam flying geese - I call it Origami Geese.

there is an excellent video on that by that quilter in england. the video on her website loads faster than on youtube. there are several names for it...simple to do and no waste. but i like to do scrappy...and that version is just not scrap friendly. but certainly quick , easy and perfect in accuracy. and no special tools. another plus...budget budget budget...must adhere to budget. would rather by fabric and thread than more specialty tools.

I like the EZ angle Rule, and companion angle ruler.  I seem to have pretty good success with those. 

sounds familiar...i have two sizes each of 45 & 60 degree rulers. used to just get the large size...good enough for all. but working on the small peices of my blu/yell quilt...decided to splurge on the smaller sizes too. i think they are the ez brand. will look later.

if i can remember that far into todays immediate future about something intended 20min ago


Don't feel bad Rogue.  I was doing the Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery and wondering how to do them, and watched her video.  Started thinking, I have something like that so started digging in my boxes of 'stuff' and found a big EZ Angle rule, a small EZ Angle Ruler and the companion angle.  I must have had them for years. 

As to getting distracted.  I just look at my husband and say Squirrel. 

ROFLMAO!!! checking things here before going to start dinner. was going to post a short blast this morning about husbands, room freshener and insence...decided to be nice...at least for a day. 'course now the day is over... hmmmmmmm :))

...and i keep forgetting to thank you for the heads up about "the vikings" - awsome show. looks to be accurate historically too. one of my loves when a teen was ancient and post roman history of europe and northern europe. told himself that the sweet sixteen thing is cute... but now those kids need to get done with their little bouncing ball ...sunday night is viking night. let blood & mayhem reign!! anyway...thanks!

Squirrel!  That would work for my whole family.  Three boys and one man who acts like one.  

I just finished two beautiful border rows with 24 each of the folded flying geese & they look great.  The best Flying Geese I've ever sewn.  I wonder how they will be for quilting?  That will be the real test.  They are kind of thick.

Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out.  Do you hand quilt, machine quilt, have a long arm, or send it out?  I machine quilt so when I start to get to an area that is thick I slow down.

LOL  All the boys.  I had all girls, but now while helping raise my grandchildren I have a whole house full of boys.  With DH and them the testosterone oozes. 


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