What is your favorite method for making Flying Geese?  I've just recently started using the folding, 3D, 1 seam method & I love it.  What do you prefer?

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I prefer Eleanor Burns method using her rulers. All the geese are accurate (for me) using her method. I've tried everything out there a couple of times! Guess I'm not a very accurate piecer so her method works every time for me.

I like the Eleanore Burns rulers. and also the 3d ones if I want them in 3d.

cheri, i missed this comment earlier. what is a 3-d ruler? i have never heard that term before. and what do you use it for?

I missed your comment earlier.  It is not a 3d ruler it is a 3 d flying geese because you fold the rectangle and sew it between the squares so the goose is kind of 3d 

thank you for the clarification. i have read several tutes on the 3-D flying geese block. a q mag had a quilt pattern using it too..can't remember which one tho.

I too prefer Eleanor Burns templates,always get accurate geese,in fact when I started quilting I purchased most of her books and to this day use a lot of her techniques.

i do it the old fashioned way w rectangle and half square tringles. in my scrap quilt making i am careful of every bit of thread i have on my little scraps. so no stitch fold cut and toss technique. have done it..demo'd it actually, for others. i also like the one done w two squares...makes two flying geese at a time. can also be done semi scrappy. i haven't bought any of the specialty rulers yet. the ones i look at for binding, hst, flying geese blocks etc are all preset sizes. won't work for me & my self made patterns where one size will not fit all. i get down to cm measurements to get small enough accuracy.

Wow.  It's fun reading all the opinions.  There are so many different ways to piece Flying Geese & I've tried at least 3 or 4.  I have not tried the Elanor Burns templates, however.  They seem to be popular.  Hmmmm!

It's been awhile since I made them,if I remember correctly when you're done you have 4 flying geese instead of l.

There's a youtube video put up by Missouri quilt co. called flying geese made easy dated aug 25/11. Just google "eleanor burns 3 d flying geese", and it comes up about 3 rd. choice. l only got to see a mim. or 2 'cause l don't have enough band width:(

it would take me an hour to see a minute or two. have dsl...and i know it shouldn't make a difference ...but it takes forever to look at youtube videos. i don't even bother anymore. i am at the end of the local cable. the guy was finishing up connecting it when we moved in here. think i will see if i can bring up a pictorial tute for 3-d geese.

Riana,this video shows how to do flying geese,but there's a lot of steps with sewing and cutting,with her rulers it's so much simpler and I would also say more accurate.


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