reading usual morning occupation while waiting for pain pills to take affect, or just because. i also use this time sometimes to wonder ..what am i doing wrong. in what way could i better manage the little free time i have between work & exhaustion from said work to find more time to quilt. it always seems there's one more need to be met, dish to be washed, laundry load to be folded ..after i've finished work/rested & reduced level of exhaustion. reading an article this morning about a talented quilter named barbara barbers that a friend has recently told me about. in the article she discusses her daily quilting time/schedule

'On a good day, she quilts five hours. Most days, though, she quilts for an hour or two "just because the business of living sucks a lot out of you," she says.'

...don't it ever!

does any one besides me have difficulty finding time to quilt? time when you feel inspired, creative? even a little quiet time to work on ongoing projects?

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There's no way l'd ever get 5 continuous hours without interruption ( unless l got up at 2 a.m. to start & stayed at it 'til 7 a.m.,lol.But l DO steal time between other things. Luckily, my sewing room is in the laundry room, so l can throw in a load, stay/sew for 40 min., throw that load in the dryer, put in another, then head upstairs to work on other household chores. Lately, our grandchildren have taken up more time, plus my hubby likes me to golf with him,so l've had to get creative about sewing time. My "swiss cheese " method works for me. Besides the laundry ploy, l cut a block while waiting for the oven to preheat, sew a section when waiting for the water to boil for the potatoes,press blocks when folding & pressing clothes, pick/audition fabrics while coffee's brewing in the a.m. and so on. Often l get angry with myself for "wasting" so much time on line when l first awaken, but like you, l need my morning read & kitty snuggle w/my first coffee,lol..l have also been known to tell my famiky " l'm not here today...l'm sewing" . l need to schedule at least one of these /mo. , no matter how nice tge weather. l've given up saving my sewing jobs for days when the weather is too nasty, because hubby usually wants to " go someplace" & drag me with him on those :. Evenings , while listening to tv, l get my binding & embroidery or hand quilting done.

i used to riana. when hubs away on work assignments. i could put a day of work on the place, watch a movie w son then he'd be off to his computer world & i'd head for sewing room & sew till wee hours of morning. but when hubs was home, son & i both got a lot less computing & sewing time in. dad was only home for few months at a time we did the family thing. but now i have trouble finding even an hour to work on anything.

Rogue, I sew most days, except on quilt group days.  Usually too tired when I get home to sew.  There is always something to do other than sew, but I try to not let those things get in the way of sewing.

on quilt group days are the only sewing i get in in the summer time :)) ..i call them my escape to play days. no water chamges, no dirt, rock or other dirty stuff, just sit & sew on forever projects or WIVSP's and visit w the other quilters. catch up on gossip & jokes. come home exhausted, but content. :))

Rogue, i have found out that a lot of time I end up taking time away from MYSELF. i will wake up with all these good intentions and next thing i know it's time to cook dinner. then i get mad at myself because i wasted the day doing something else instead of the time i had set aside to quilt. some stuff needs to get done but other stuff can wait it's turn. i am trying to do better cause it's easy to do. :)

i guess i be guilty of the same thing! decided to spend weekend inside and maybe do a little sewing. nope ..nada ...cleaned & organized my little dining room sewing space, played kick ball a LOT w the Psycho Pup, a little o'this, a little o'that. just cleaned up dinner mess and realize it's time for land o'nod again ...not one stitch sewed. only thing i got done was a new pattern drafted for my pincushion, template made and another pincushion partially cut out to test the newly drafted pattern. not much to show for two whole inside days! :))


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