I am truly sorry I haven't been in contact for some time now, I've been taking care of my husband.He passed away August 3rd in my arms and it's taking a real toll on me. He was diagnosed with liver cancer just a few months ago,what a mean desease.  But I made him a promise that I would keep my quilting world going . This is the first time I've been on the internet in months, just trying to relate back to the real world. Sending my hugs to you all my friends--love cindy

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oh cindy ...i am so sad to hear this news. your husband sounded like such a wonderful person. we swapped notes once or twive couple years ago when i left a message for you on your homepage. hadn't seen any posts from you in a while & he answered. my heart goes out to you in this time of loss & grief. these guys aren't just our husbands, they're our best friends. take care of yourself & keep your promise to him. remember ..he's still with you in spirit & he will continue to enjoy watching you create magic withe fabric & thread

Thank you my friend,  I was working on a quilt before he got really bad and now I'm just trying to get myself back on track. His burial won't be until Sept 6th cause of his relatives scattered all over the country. He was cremated, that's what he wanted and he will be buried out here at the veterans memorial cementary. We loved motorcycles so there will be a veterans motorcycle club leading the way out there. He also belonged to a none drinkers motor cycle club and they will be there to. You are the first I've talked to in weeks  that wasn't family. He was my biggest fan, spoiled me with any gizmo I wanted pertaining to my quilting. Never complained  about the hours I spent doing my thing, I'm gonna miss him so much. Thanks for yacking , I really needed it. sending hugs-love cindy

any time. you need to yak ..just let me know. i,m here for you.

So sorry to hear of your loss, Cindy. It was good to make him that promise. You are too talented to let that die, too. He will be cheering you on from above now. Prayers for you and yours.

So sorry to hear this news.  Hang in there and use your quilting as a healing tool.  Keep your promise and keep up your healing through your quilting.  Am sure there is a rocky road ahead, just drop in and chat.  We are all here to listen and provide support.  Prayers and thoughts for you and your family.  

Cindy, you are a strong person and will get through this.  It takes time, but keeping yourself busy and focused is always a good idea.  If your husband had any motorcycle themed t-shirts, you might want to make a t-shirt quilt for one of the biker groups he was a member of, to raffle off.  One of the wives of our local HOG chapter did that when she lost her husband and it was one of the largest grossing raffle items they ever raffled.  Everyone there wanted it, because they all thought so much of her husband, and I am sure it will be the same with yours.  He sounds like he was a wonderful guy.

Cindy, your husband knew you to the core. To not express yourself through fabrics would've caused even more loss in your life , and perhaps eventually bringing on depression. So welcome back , and a big ciber hug!


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