May I ask what is your favorite and best way to store your fabric.
What is the best way to preserve your fabric?
Would be so grateful for your advice.

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Tina, l use several methods depending on the size. My larger pices are folded around  boards designed to hold up to 2 yd.  I keep my fat quarters of juvenile fabrics in a box in same cupboard.  Beneath my cupboard, l have clear shoebox bins holding all sizes of strips by colour ( reds, blues, mauve/ pink, yellow/ gold/ brown...etc) Below my counter are small plastic drawers with scrap squares by size only, 2.5 , 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 , 5 , 6, 8,10". The wider drawers contain strings ( too narrow and/ or short for "strips"), light/ bright in bottom one, medium/ dark in middle one, and top has units of strings l've sewn together using spent dryer sheets as foundation plus empty dryer sheets. Under my cutting/ pressing table are more clear shoebox bins holding fabric folded over index cards that range from 1/2 yd down to 10× 10" , again, by colour. Some colours l have to use 2 bins, so l use one for dark, the other for light. The larger sweater size bins hold gently folded/ rolled pieces over 2 yd. such as l use for backingby colour. Every fabric in my stash is washed as soon as it comes home.


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