Does anyone know of or has anyone used a sight to locate a fabric they can't find? My friend needs 3 - 5.5" squares of a certain Laurel Burch fabric and can't locate any. I have had this difficulty in the past, myself, so I know the frustration.

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Try  It's a search engine for independent quilt shops and will show thumbnails of fabric each one has in stock.  This is the best way I've found when searching for "older" fabric - if it's still available somewhere, I'm most successful with this site.  Good luck!

Thanks, Bonnie. I will forward your info to my friend.

Thanks, Donna. Here is the fabric, just in case you have it. I will give her the info you mentioned.

Thanks for all of your input, Gals! I hope it helped more than my friend. She found her hunted fabric, so she is a happy camper.

I have a lot of different Laurel Burch fabrics.  If I have the one she's looking for she can have it.  I can mail it to her right away.  Do you have the name of the pattern?  Describe it?  OH, silly me I just saw the photo and I don't have that fabric.  And I couldn't delete my post, only edit it.

My local quilt store has a lot of older fabrics and they also have an online store.  They are one of the only places where everything is ordered by manufacturer, in the store and online, so it's easy to find what you want if you have a selvage.   I have heard that they have tens of thousands of bolts that are not in the online store, too.  If you don't find it online, it might be worth a long distance call to see if they have it.  I've been told that they have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 bolts.  I know it is overwhelming to shop there if you do not have an idea of what you are looking for.  It's floor to ceiling fabric over a pretty large store.

I think Keepsake Quilting catalogue can match any fabric

I struggle with the same problem. Sometimes I google by fabric name and manufacturer and find listings that way. Other times I go to my fav fabric shops and search online.

Ginny, When I am very desperate to find a certain fabric, I have turned to ebay. I generally do not go there but I did purchase a sought after piece once. Depending on the age of the fabric, you might try Hancocks of Paducah. Good luck. Nancy Heinrich

read my discussion or blog I put some names that I think can help you.

Mary Jeane


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