I'm only starting out, so I don't have a huge fabric stash to draw from. When you started out, did you buy fabric quilt by quilt, or did you buy fabrics you liked and then create quilts from what you had? There are so many wonderful things out there, but this can be a really expensive hobby!

I'd love to hear how others have built their stashes.

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When I started wanting to quilt, I bought fabric from estate sales and thrift stores. I still do.

I also shop when I'm in the mood and buy whatever I like. 2 or 3 yards at a time.

I once tried to shop for a whole quilt, but one single store didn't have all the colors I wanted, and it took months of shopping at different stores, to get it all. So now when I see something I like, I buy it.

When I want to make a quilt, I shop my stash first, and buy whatever fabrics I need to complete it. I almost always have to buy only one or two fabrics to make a quilt now. I recently made an entire quilt out of  Remnants  for a friend. It was hard making it all work, but I did it. Even the backing was a remnant from my stash.

I think I have a store within my stash LOL  . Can't go into a fabric store without something. I  buy what I like when I see it cause I know it won't be there long. Once it's out of print, it's gone. Many a time I'd wished I'd bought  something, went back to get it to find it's all gone. I love fabric,


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