I'm only starting out, so I don't have a huge fabric stash to draw from. When you started out, did you buy fabric quilt by quilt, or did you buy fabrics you liked and then create quilts from what you had? There are so many wonderful things out there, but this can be a really expensive hobby!

I'd love to hear how others have built their stashes.

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hmmm...i had never thought of it in that much detail. but you are so right. sitting and quilting or sewing amidst a pile of colorful fabric on rainy/snowy days...prob makes me feel so content because it is just like a day in the sunshine!

I started out buying fabric for a specific project. However if there was something else that caught my eye either color or design wise, I bought that too. You can't go wrong with blenders. They are always good to add to a stash. Your eye needs a place to rest in a quilt and they do the trick. Fabric addiction can definitely creep up on you before you know it.

I bought a large table for my sewing room to use a combination cutting space and to put my machine on.  THEN I realized that everything had to be sorted out and some of the other storage furniture had to be removed.  I've sorted through all my fabric and at least a bin of it is going to two different charity quilt groups, one in Wisconsin and one in Texas where I winter.  I did find lots of stuff I had forgotten I have..   A real feeling of accomplishment.

So , Susan, you started this discussion over 1 yr, ago. How's your stash now? (giggling, "cause I can guess)


Translation please Rogue?

roflmbo .......rolling on floor laughing my butt off....prefer ro roflmao ....rolling on floor laughing my a** off.

i read your comment...we all know how fast a stash can grow over brief period of time. either by concious effort or buy to have leftovers after project done. read your comment...and just cracked up!

thought i would share my moment of crack up.

have a great day all....

This is a good question for a beginner to ask.

I started my stash with fabrics that I had left over from other sewing projects. Over the years I have added to it in a few ways; I shop at thrift stores and if they have quilting fabric that I think that I might use I get it. If there is an event that I'm decorating I will by fabric to cover the tables with instead of plastic table clothes because I can us the fabric (after I wash it) for quilting, it works great on the back of the quilt. I shop the sale table and if there is something that pops out at me then I will get that too. I have bought fabric just for one quilt in mind but I always buy extra and then I have more for the stash. As time has gone by and my stash has grown, (it is now in 10 hug plastic storage tubs) I have been able to make quilts and other projects just by using my stash. 

Yes, this can be an expensive hobby but it is also cheaper then therapy and if your husband works on cars, hunts or owns a boat, it is cheaper then his hobby as well and when you are finished with your project you have a handcrafted heirloom that, if taken care of, can be passed down to many generations.

Happy quilting.

Kathy Buell 

when I first started out we are talking fabric sometimes for 50 cents a yard,in our dreams now days LOL.But what I started doing was everytime a quilt said to bye such and such yardage for there quilt, I would always bye a quarter or half yard more of each. Thats only because I knew when I was new to this I would goof up on cutting or something. But as time went on , I did"nt goof up and I've got a 40 year stash that my new husband calls my store, so today when I say I"m going shopping for fabrics, he teases and kindly reminds me of my store downstairs. To this day I still have got that desease -fabriholic, I just love it.  Even if I don"t have a plan for it, if it catches my eye, consider it bought-no questions asked, no answers volenteered. It"s a sickness and I don"t see me changing or recovering from it. Good luck my friend and welcome to quilting.   Hugs-cindy

i find that if you do a little of both you can save money.  When I go to buy fabric for a quilt I make a point of looking at what is on clearance or in the remnant bin.  I find garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets are also great places to find  cheap fabric.

I am also a big recycle and apply that to fabric, old sheets, duvet covers, men's button down shirts etc really add to my stash. hope this helps.  Just remember quilting is cheaper than therapy!!


I've never really been one who could go into a quilt store and just buy for the sake of buying, like my friends do, unless I really love a certain print.  I was lucky enough to purchase quality fabric from a woman whose daughter I know, because she was cleaning out her stash.  It's nice when you're starting out to build your stash so that you don't always have to go out in the middle of quilting something, so maybe start by buying a couple yards here and there of things you love when you're in the stores.  Value is huge; make sure that you don't always purchase lights or darks; make sure that you get mediums too.  Seems like I often have to go to a quilt store for at least one or two fabrics when planning a quilt because I don't have the right one in my stash.

my stash, which is now more like a fabric shop, grew over decades. but, it started like most with getting some extra yardage when buying fabric for a quilt. i also would buy a 1/4, 1/2, or full yard when something caught my eye. occasionally when i would see something that i knew would be awesome as a back or for shashing/binding, i would buy 2-4 yards of it. i would also buy yardage when i found super sale closeout prices.

then, my stash got added to even more when my mother, who is a fabric-junkie that no longer sews as much, started sending me her stash ... as well as pretty fabrics she just had to buy, but wasn't going to use. or when she would come to visit and take me fabric shopping. or find stuff at garage sales and send to me.

then, friends and acquaintances got in on it. they found out i was a quilter and would give me fabric they no longer wanted or needed. might be just a few yards, maybe a box full or two, and i have even been given entire sewing room stashes. yes, you read that right, ENTIRE sewing room stashes.

and, i still buy the odd piece now and then. or for special projects. but, i am far less likely to buy extra yardage. ;-) however, i do still get 1/4 yard or fat-quarters for my specific color or theme stashes. as well as sometimes buy enough for back, sash, or bind when i find a really useful print or color on a great sale.

i love yellow/ gold prints and am using them in making a hand sewn quilt from hexagons. so, that stash has been growing for years and i still add when i come to something different, interesting, or pretty. i also "collect" green leaf or vine patterns, black-&-white or b&w&gray or black&cream or b&w&red, Orientals, and Christmas cardinals.

i also have an gigantic stash of old jeans and other denim. friends and family contribute to it when their stuff wears out. and, a stash of old ties.

i am immensely grateful for my stash. whether i bought it or it was given to me. it allows me to give gifts of quilts that i could not otherwise afford to give.


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