I'm only starting out, so I don't have a huge fabric stash to draw from. When you started out, did you buy fabric quilt by quilt, or did you buy fabrics you liked and then create quilts from what you had? There are so many wonderful things out there, but this can be a really expensive hobby!

I'd love to hear how others have built their stashes.

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I started out buying fabric quilt by quilt. Then I would buy yardage when it when on sale.  2 years of each colors that I liked.  Then I was given fabric by other quilting friends.  The quilt guild at the camp I worked at gave me all kinds of fabric that I had food on it because I was the food service director there.  They were also the ones who taught me to quilt.  Most recently I inherited 17 boxes about 12 x 12 x 12 of fabric from my Uncle Johnny, they had been in my aunt maryanns stash when she passed away and that was not even 1/2 of what she had.  He gave the other half to her guild.  I also inherited alot of her ufo's and some panels.  I finished one of her quilts and gave it to my niece as a graduation gift.  It was a fan quilt done in brights with a black background.  My best advice is use coupons when you can, buy fabric when the quilt shop is having a big sale.  I love to buy fat quarters in the colors I use most.  If I especially like a color I will buy at least 2 yards for piecing and 3 - 4 yards if I am going to use it for a border.


I also inherited alot of quilt books from my aunt. I buy books when I see just one quilt that I like. My dh also bought me a quilting frame at an estate sale. I do not hand quilt but maybe I will learn since he bought it for me. (it was only $5 and he thought it was a quilt rack). I have not figured out how to put it together yet.

Unless I have a specific pattern in mind, I buy 3 yards of that "special" fabric that I just can't live without. LOL . I also buy 8 to 9 yards of sale fabric to use for backings. If you have a 50% off coupon, i.e. from JoAnn's, that is a good deal. You will be surprised how quickly your stash will grow. And yes quilting is an expensive hobby. It has been said that we quilters are trying to see who can die with the largest stash.  :>)

I just bought a beautiful red batik from Indonesia and a packet of Wool and Needle Flannels by Primitive Gatherings for Moda.  I don't know what I'm going to do with these, but they excite me.  I can't wait to start sewing with them.  Have a super day!


Curlicue Creations

red always a mood lifter!!!

I only  buy fabric , quilt to quilt or project to project, I know people who buy fabric just because they love it. I don't see the point in having to put it some where when I don't have lots of room to store tons of fabric.

Mary, I wish I had your wisdom and restraint!  I admire you.  Have a super day!


Curlicue Creations

to me it just doesn't seem right to buy fabric that isn't being used at the time, but when I do make some thing I always but more fabric than is needed, so you might say I do have a little stash , if do like a fabric when I'm makeing something I buy 6 yards of it and use what I need. other than that no I don't buy fabric just because


some people say they buy for each project and don't build stash, which is fine ;-) but, my question is: what do y'all do with the excess from each quilt? 'cause aren't there pretty much always good size scraps left??? just curious since i don't do traditional quilts, use patterrns, or buy by project, AND i have enormous stash ~~hehe-~ so, interested in how others do the opposite.

I've started doing more scrap quilts and some of the excess i use for charity quilts.

I love scrap quilts, too.  Most of my quilts are made from bits of this and that out of my stash.  I enjoy looking through my fabric for that perfect color or pattern to complement the piece I am working on.  Have a super day!


Curlicue Creations

yes you do have some times big pieces of fabric left, that does at to stash as I said. but I don't by any means have a stash like more quilters have my husband is a tight wad. but I take care of the bills so he doesn't know how much I spend on fabric for a project. I always buy more fabric than is needed , I learned along time ago, when I needed more fabric and they didn't have it or couldn't get it in.


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