I'm only starting out, so I don't have a huge fabric stash to draw from. When you started out, did you buy fabric quilt by quilt, or did you buy fabrics you liked and then create quilts from what you had? There are so many wonderful things out there, but this can be a really expensive hobby!

I'd love to hear how others have built their stashes.

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(Oh, my gosh, I've been checking the shop and I'm on overload! So many beautiful fabrics, and sooo cheap! Thank you!!)
One of my favorite fabrics to use is Kona Cotton Solids and they have a regular price of $4.99/yd., which is a REALLY good price.  I love shopping there because of the huge selection and I know I'm getting high quality quilting fabrics.
Hi Susan. I was at Paducah too. We probably shopped in some of the same stores. I bought a lot of Batiks. Fabrics are so expensive in Canada $18.00 plus 13% tax. I was driving with 3 friends so our van was well loaded as we crossed the border. We were all perspiring mightily as we were asked how much we'd spent. we we're only allowed $700.00 but I think some of us fibbed a bit. The next time I'll take some classes but on a first time trip the shopping and quilts & merchants mall took up all the extra time.
I, like many others, bought for a specific quilt and gathered some fat quarters for future applique projects.  Now, after 4 years of quilting I have accumulated a bit of a stash.  This has been exciting, because lately I have been using the stash to create some fun quilts.  I just finished two wonky block quilts to give as baby quilts, I am also quilting a very large quilt that I call Bouquets and Accolades which is all stash and a cut up white duvet coverlet. I even made prairie points with the stash I used to create this quilt.
It makes me feel good when I can make a quilt entirely from my stash (backing and all).  I thought that was the point of having a stash, but I'd still go out and buy fabric when I really didn't need to.  But now that my hubby is going to school full-time and only working part-time I can't spend what I used to.  Luckily I have plenty to keep me busy for years to come (I'll probably have to buy another roll of batting by the end of summer though).  I always wonder why some of us always feel the need to buy more fabric when we really have plenty at home...I guess it's the disease you get when the quilt bug bites!

" I always wonder why some of us always feel the need to buy more fabric when we really have plenty at home..."    yah...a disease...or...!!!! the thrill of the hunt! for something absolutely incredible ..a must have!

Well I have always been a fabric nut.  I'm starting to build my stash from scratch again.  So many pretty fabrics it puts your mind in a whirl wind thats for sure...lol  Collecting thread sounds pretty awesome too.  I'm an artist so color in all the fabrics really grabs my attention and my mind is going constantly thinking of ways and colors to put each with.  I would like to do more applique with some of the drawings ive done, with all the fabric colors and patterns out there it would be a blast.  In my world, One can NEVER have enough fabric to choose from...lol. 

We are having a fabric swap if any of you are interested. Its fun to get a surprise package of fabric from someone else...sometimes from diff. countries. its so much fun.  We would love to have more in the Swap if you might be interested.  Just head over to my Home Page and all the info on it is there.  Happy Quilting ladies.  

 I'm not totally new to quilting, but I still have yet to get an appropiate sized stash. When buying fabric I usually just go for what I need for a certain quilt, but I always buy more than I need and all the ends up in my stash. I also will just buy a fabric if it really catches my eye and I'm willing to give up my money for it.

I started quilting about 10 years ago and only bought fab for the first couple baby quilts. THEN JoAnns had a big sale and I went nuts. Bought whatever I liked! Bought 2, 3, 4 yards..whatever and stored it in plastic tubs. Didn't have a designated sewing room and still dont...don't go there. I learned my lesson and try NOT to buy fab just becuase it's on sale and I like it. I know have lots of fab that doesn't go with what I have... so I make lots of scrappy quilts. Occassionly w/buy fab to coordinate with what I have. It's still not to buy fab cuz it's on sale or cuz I like it. I occasioinaly go back into the tubs to resort just to get reacquainted with what I have and to stir the creative juices. I don't have a ton of fab..just enough to keep my happy. Quilting is a great hobby and quilters are great gals/guys. It just amazing how fast we accumulate stash and tools for our THERAPY!!!
I started much like you, bought fabric for a class I was taking and having left over fabric it grew.  Over time I started buying fabrics I liked knowing they would work into something sooner or later. I also like scrappy quilts and am using some of this collected stash to make a spider web quilt.  Lots of fun seeing past quilt fabric used in another quilt.

I bought what I liked and created quilts around what I had.  I've never taken a class or made anything out of a kit, so I've just bought what I liked.  I buy 5-6 yards if I think something would make a great back.  If I think it would be a nice border print I'll buy 2-3 yards, and if it's just for the heck of it I buy one yard.  I actually used a color wheel when choosing fabrics so I could make sure I had all of the colors in all of the hues...one tends to buy medium tones and forget about the super darks and super lights.  I built up a tone-on-tone stash first, and then just started buying things I liked depending on what phase I was in.  At first it was super bright geometric prints, then I got into Asian designs and then the 30's fabrics started calling my name!  You are so right...this is a very expensive hobby.  After I had been quilting for 4 years I added up what I had spent on fabric...it was over $8,000, my threads added up to over $500 (I only buy high quality quilting fabrics from quilt shops).  I have no idea where all of that money came from because we don't have a lot of money...a little here, a little there...it all adds up.  So NOW I'm on a fabric diet!  I had my 50th birthday and my 6th year quilting anniversary on July 28 and I decided I had plenty of fabric and didn't need anymore; I'd run out of places to keep it.  Plus, hubby is now in school full-time and only working part-time so I can't exactly buy what I want when I want.  So I thought it was the perfect time to go on a diet.  This is for fabric only...I'm still allowing myself to buy batting and thread as needed.

Sorry to be so long-winded...every quilter has a thing about their stash!

I am trying the fabric diet as well, I have enough to keep me busy for quit awhile. I buy my batting when the quilt store has a coupon.  My favorite batting is wool, but I am going to try the bamboo on one of my next quilt. I wish thread wasn't so expensive, but again I have become a thread snob just as I am with buying quality fabric from quilt stores. Cindy Needham from Superior Threads lives in Chico so I have had the pleasure and opportunity of taking a thread bar class from her when she is in the Sacramento area.  It was fun and I learned lots.

Have a great weekend.


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