I'm only starting out, so I don't have a huge fabric stash to draw from. When you started out, did you buy fabric quilt by quilt, or did you buy fabrics you liked and then create quilts from what you had? There are so many wonderful things out there, but this can be a really expensive hobby!

I'd love to hear how others have built their stashes.

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How funny...my husband says I'm a thread snob too!!  That is so neat that you got to take a class with Cindy!  I would love to go to the Superior School of Threadology!!!  I just really love and appreciate the education section of their website.  I've learned a lot about thread...a friend of mine just uses C&C for everything, and I've tried getting her to at least try a few things...such as Masterpiece.  But to each his own...I guess I just like the way good thread feels and sews.  It's just too bad more quilt shops don't sell it; and if they do it's usually limited to a few lines.  I've been buying directly from Superior since I started quilting.  What's neat is that when you're first experimenting and learning they have the "Try Me" specials, which is such a good idea on their part.

I get the newsletter and agree that Bob has taught me lots about thread too.  Before quilting and my purchase of a new machine I had no idea that Coats and Clark wasn't the way to go in sewing.  I used it all my life when sewing clothes and costumes. I gave all that thread to my daughter as she was having fun making Tamari Balls - so if you have the C and C thread, that is one use for it. 


I never did get up to Sister's for the quilt show.  I decided it was a long trip to drive by myself. Also decided I would rather buy fabric than spend money on gas.  How we change our priorities. 

i used coats & clarks for years too. but i quit a number of years ago...even for clothing and toys...it just frayed, snaged broke just a pain to use...i really didn't need any more frustration in my life!! lollol...hey! i had a teenager...no..make that a dozen or more....cause i had all his friends to shuttle around too...as their parents were too busy with golf/shopping/hairdresser yada yada yada lollol...so when i started a project = mostly clothes for him then...i included in my planning costs the price of better quality thread...like guttermans which i used a lot then.

i hear that from people, about coats & clark fraying etc, but i never have problems with it. my mom likes guttermans, but i never liked the way it sewed as well as i do my coats & clark. i especially love my coats & clark hand quilting thread. i sometimes wonder if it just the different ways folks sew, either on machine or by hand, that makes some threads work for them.

yah...it was the only alternative avail in the last place i lived. they prob have the sulky and all that now but didn't few yrs ago before i moved here. then i learned to use the pc and found fabric and thread and notions oh my!!! lollollol...since moved here have shocked my son that his ultra conservative [financially & fear of web shopping mom-unit] has ventured online for quilting needs. found valdani doing search for varigated threads [that i can't find here or any hand quilting thread for that matter= silk is fine for miniatures...but want 35wt for larger quilts] ...anyway..found beautiful colors in valdani 35 wt & 50wt ..so tried it. love it.

i used to have a small biz building websites, so no fear of internet here. ;-) and, i totally love instant access financial, so surf shopping fit right in with my online bill pay preference. but, i still buy very little quilt stuff online. i like to see and touch. i do order most of my hand-quilt thread that way though, 'cause more color options, especially the varigated and usually a better price as i buy multiples in many colrs at once.
I use bamboo batting a lot and really like it.Most A.C.Moore stores have batting now including Bamboo and with a 50% off coupon you get a good deal.
I started quilting 35 yrs ago so you can imagine the stash I have. I really admire friends who just buy for the quilt they're making but feel sorry for them too. They will never know the joy of having an unlimited stash. I used to buy 6yds. if I loved it, 3 if I liked it or wanted it for a border. and 1 if I needed it to add to a scrap quilt. Over the yrs. I've gotten better. Unless I get to Paducah or go on a road trip to Lancaster Pa. with a girlfriend. Then I go nuts. I've decided to put myself on a temporary diet for a while after taking an assessment  for an upcoming move. I posted a pic which people thought was enormous. What they didn't realize was that this was the tip of the iceberg, only one set of shelves of five.

speaking of lancaster...when in that area do you mozey on down to intercourse to the 'country store' also? we went there a lot when we lived in boyertown area. first because of the beautiful drive...the trains and then i found the store!!! oh my. and it has apparently grown since those days. i guess the rachel [pellman] and her husband have a little museum now too. i have most of rachel & her husbands books too...but i didn't buy those at the store.

Oh do tell...where is the "country store"?  I live about 45 min to an hour away from Lancaster.  I just recently discovered "Dutchland Quilt Patch", 2851 Lincoln Hwy East, Ronks, PA  17572.  If you are familiar with the Rte 30 it is about a 1/4 mile east of "Millers".  Years ago I went to the Hayloft with a friend who was a quilter, but i understand they have since closed. 

i would have to look on my maps...but the area/village of 'intercourse' is the intersection of two n/s & e/w routes. the country store is located near the intersection. at first it was sort of a general dry goods store and they also stocked items made my local amish...i still have a couple of rolling pins from there and my sew machine cover is made from a towel with hex signs etc printed on it. i think the pelmans were involved with it's developement from the beginning. rachel pellman and her husband whose name escapes me at the moment...country store, rachel pellman...all easily searchable on net...i have sev books on small amish quilts etc by the pelmans and a couple of collections of antique traditional and original [new] quilting motif collections by pellman and another author. sev years ago the pelmans opened a quilt museum in the upstairs area of the country store. if i ever get back to pennsylvania...we're making a direct drive to intercourse and the best little country store i have ever visited.

Thank you!  Now that i know it is in intercourse i will google it...or maybe my DH and I will take a ride some Saturday.  Beautiful country, especially this time of year!




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