Hi all, I just joined My Quilt Place yesterday..... and still am trying to navigate around the site. 

I put some pictures up and now want to edit some of them.  Is it possible?  If so, where do I go to edit or find info on editing?

BTW, am so enjoying seeing all of your photos and accomplishments....

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this will help with finding your way around MQP.


are you loading photos from mobile device? this will help w editing your post to tell the story or turn it, whatever. no editing tools other than that. no resizing, redeye etc. here is a link to a page in my album that explains a bit about using mobile device --i.e. phone, tablet, ipad etc


to edit a photo that you have already posted...like adding to the description, correcting spelling whatever. open the page the photo is on. upper right corner of box the photo is in, there is a "options" box. click on that. in drop down menu, choose what you want to do, click on your choice and then follow the onscreen directions.
here is a screen shot of the options box location & drop down menu choices

Awesome, I'll look for it..... knew it had to be there but I'm not as computer savvy as I would like...

I uploaded several pictures one time instead of only one at a time.  Then they loaded and I couldn't edit the photos.  I'm sure I can figure it out now with your post.... Thanks

you're welcome. if you have any more questions, just let me know or post another discussion. some one will jump in to help.


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