Pretty pastel, Spring and Easter 5" charms.  Lets make a bright, cheerful quilt for Spring, there is lots of charm pack patterns out there.  After making your quilt post pictures, so we can all enjoy them.  So I"m wanting to get at least 8 - 9 swappers, that way we will each receive a full charm pack.

1.  Five different - 5" charm squares (eight baggies of 5 charms per bag per person that joins the swap)

2.  All Spring, Easter, Pastel prints - 100% cotton, good quality fabric Please.

3. Package your five different 5" charm squares in  zip lock baggies with your name on the baggies or in the baggies.

4.  Make sure you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your squares.

5.  Please mail your charms to the me by 3/24/17 (PM me for my address) and I'll get them back to you by 3/28/17.

6.  Sign up in the comments below and send me a PM for my address.  Deadline for sign ups is March 21.  Thanks.

*These are the ones signed up for the swap so far:

1.  Sue-Anne Walker

2.  Linda Kaskla  - 2 sets

3.  Kathy Gurgone

4.  Minday Jacobs

5.  Rebecca Schmitt

6.  Connie Leydig  - 2 sets

**3/19/17 - At this point we don't have 8 people yet, So I thought I would extend the deadline for another week for sign ups.  The sign up deadline will be 3/28/17.  Please mail charms to me by 3/31/17.

3/29/17***=We now have our 8 swappers, please send in your charms.  8 baggies with 5 charms in each please with your name and address on each bag.  Thank you all for participating!!!

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I'd like to join.  If I understand this correctly, we will need to send 8 baggies with 5 different 5" spring print squares.  Then I will get back 8 baggies with 5 squares each, for a total of 40 squares.  Is that how this will work?  This is my first swap with this group.

yes, that is correct.  Sorry for the confusion, I guess I wasn't thinking when I first posted.  If we get 8 people to join our swap, we will each need to send 8 baggies with 5 Charms in each.

What is the deadline for signing up? Did I miss that somewhere. This is a first for me.

Well I guess I forgot to put that in there also,  deadline for sign up will be March 21, that way we still have time to get them to me by March 24.  Thanks.

Mindy Jacobs are you still in?  I haven't received your charms yet.  Please let me know immediately, so I can get the others sent out.  Thanks.

I'd like to join!

okay, I'll add you to the list.  Thank you.

Is there enough people to do this swap? Is 6 enough?  Are we going to do this? Please let me know! Thanks 

Yes, still going to do the swap - I extended the deadline to sign up to March 28, that will give us another week to get a couple more swappers.  So if you know anyone who may want to swap with us let them know please to sign up.  Thanks.

Connie, I am going to send you 8 bags with 5 pieces in each bag.  If everyone else sends in 8 bags of 5, then even though I might get a few duplicates, at least I will get back 8 bags.  If other people sign up at the last minute, then we will still have enough bags to go around.  Thanks, Kathy

okay, sounds good - maybe we will get a few to sign up.

I have a friend who's interested.  She's not a member of MQP, so just put me down for two sets.  :)


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