Hide your stash when you have been buying fabric?, does your partner object to your fabric folly?

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Betty: Melanie's husband here Yes I have done several other quilts since then mostly smaller ones.

I am now working on a Bargello quilt taking my time chosing fabrics.

But my main item I am concertrating on is a landscape quilt I am designing from photo with over 2000 pieces.

Thanks for the complement on the first will share the landscape when finished at rate I am working hope to have quilted by November. By the way this will be first I have e designed also.

Earnest Nettles

My husband doesn't complain about the cost but does grumble a bit about all the space the fabric stash takes up.  It was particularly apparent when we moved.  Silly man thought the only fabric I had was on the shelves in my sewing room!  Then came the boxes under the bed, bags on the top shelves of the closets, pizza boxes stacked in the corner of the spare bedroom, and a dozen file boxes from the office (he thought there were files in them!)



100 Ways to Hide Your Stash by Cathy Miller

Thought this was very appropriate for this discussion.  Enjoy

I have a quilting friend who keeps a box in her car with an ongoing project.  Any new fabric is taken out of the store bags, crumbled up a bit and put into the box.  Next time she brings it in the house the fabric is put into the sewing room....


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