Hide your stash when you have been buying fabric?, does your partner object to your fabric folly?

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Kind of...when I shop on-line I usually buy a lot at one time.  I have it all put away by the time hubby comes home.  But when I go to the quilt shop I always show him what I bought.  He helps me select fabrics for the quilts I make.  I quit asking him about a year ago and he commented the other day about how I never ask for help anymore.  I felt kind of bad, so I have a bunch of fabrics out for my next quilt so he can help me figure out the fabrics to use.  Anyway, no, he doesn't object.  He has his own expensive hobby...restoration of his 1968 Camaro.

My husband loves going with to help choose fabric.   He doesn't mind when I buy fabric, as long as we fit into our monthly bills.  I think he gets more excited about choosing fabrics than I do.  Today he discovered my EQ7 program.  he played on it for over an hours.   He loves it.  He designed about 5 different quilts.  Chose the blocks and fabrics and layout and everything.  My husband is very supportive.  He is like Bridget's husband and notices if I don't ask for his opionon.  He loves telling me what he likes and dislikes.  He looks through the quilting magazines with me too.  

Bridget the 1968 Camaro sounds good too.  Love to see a pic of it.

After raising teen girls DH is so use to many shopping bags being brought in the house at one time he doesn't blink at my fabric shopping.   He hasn't been in my sewing room in months, not since the light bulb needed changed.  LOL
know that feeling well! asked hub to go up the loft for my ' summer curtains' got up and stood looking around... then said, cant find them .. have to leave it until weekend now !!! so i wait.... again... at this rate i may as well leave the heavy ones up, be winter again soon!!! lol

 Only once has my DH picked out fabric to use in a quilt. I was making a wall hanging for our grandson when he became an Eagle Scout. DH went to the fabric shop with me and picked out the fabric. It worked out fine. He has never said a  negative word about me buying lots of fabric but, if he did I would just have to point out all the money he spends on the 1965 Mustand he so loves to work on. We both have our hobbies. He does his thing and I do mine and we respect and admire each others work.

I used to worry my DH would object to what I spent and the amount of time I would spend....my ex objected to every cent that didn';t go to his benefit.....I couldn';t spend what I saved with grocery coupons on my cross stitch hobby, yet he would spend hundreds of $$ on his fantasy baseball stuff.....my husband now enjoys watching me quilt and stuff...he says when he hears the machine humming along, he knows I am relaxed and not stressed from work and stuff. He even willingly goes with me to fabric hunt but I have to watch--I spend more when he is there b/c he has such a good eye for matching patterns and all.....
Never !!  I have the greatest husband .  He never complains about it .

My husband has always supported my quilting. About 8 years ago he started buying fat quarters one at a time I never asked why then one day I threaten to use his stach if he did not do something with them. He went out purchased the quilt pattern by Judy Niemeyer Misty Mountain Pond sat down and took his time and made it using black and white fabrics.

Yes he took over a year but he was working two jobs and was on several civic committies so he did not have a lot of time.

The ladies at our quilt guild figured he would start and never finish he surprised them. Now he is designing a landscape quilt and gathering fabric for a bargello at the same time. So I now have to wait on him at the quilt store.

thats so awesome to have a husband quilting !!! Post a picture of it please I would love to see it...
Betty this is my husbands first quilt.

OMG! OMG!! Thats all I can say ! It just about took my breath away!!!  WOW!!!  Is he sill making quilts ? Sure hope so ,he is a great quilter!!!

Yes, I do.  When I buy online, I enter my company name so he just thinks it is something from a client.  Or I say it is for a swap.  LOL


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