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I just started making a full size quilt for my bed, and the free pattern I found online had a miscalculation in the dimensions of the blocks.  I should have double checked it!!  I now have to find a way to make these quilting squares fit my bed!  I was thinking of taking out a column of blocks and altering the border size on the length of quilt.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  I've already cut all the fabric for the quilting blocks, but I haven't touched the border fabric yet, and I bought extra, so I am open to ideas!


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Well, Julie, it doesn't sound like you've even put one together yet. If not, you should sew one up then measure. Remember you'll loose 1/2" ea. way due to seam allowance setting together. On any quilt full size, expect to loose @ 3" ea. way due to the quilting.You didn't mention sizes for us to help. Another way to alter quilt's dimentions is to make fewer squares and use sashing , but that won't work if you're relying on an interrplay between adjacent blocks for visual effects.

I've sewn up a few of the blocks already, and they are roughly 5" larger expected.  Didn't catch it because I'm clearly not a math wiz, and neither was whomever created the pattern!  I've put up a picture of the squares on my page.  Thanks for the advice about the sashing.  The pattern already calls for shashing, but I could manipulate those dimensions so I don't have to have a crazy thick border.  Thanks so much!  I'll be sure to put up a picture and let you know when it's finished! 

ComforterSo are these the blocks giving you trouble?  That setting is called being on point.  So If I understand you right the quilt is going to be too big or too small? if it is going to be too big you can turn the blocks so they are square instead of being on point like they are now. Just double sash it if you need to use the background and to make them the size you need. If you are just a beginner it may help to draw out the block/quilt with graph paper and pencil.  if the quilt is going to be too small and you have enough of the background fabric you can make the setting triangles larger so the centre pieces float on their backgrounds.  to calculate setting triangles use the following website:  http://www.mywebquilter.com/CalculateOnPoint.aspx 

Make sure you go back to the designer's page and let them know that you had issues with the dimensions.  

Great advice, Lana. Since she was looking to remove a row, it seems the blocks are way too large. I hadn't seen the photo, so didn't realize they were on point. That website sounds interesting, I'm learning all kinds of things here myself!

thank you, I just hope that changing that design element is an option, perhaps it's that setting that drew Julie to that pattern?  I only just recently found that setting triangle calculator myself I always struggle with making them the right size.

what a great website, thanks Lana! 

This thread has saved my current quilt!  I am making a lovely Dawn Cameron-D*** lap quilt for my son but even though I knew it would make a square quilt, I didn't realise that I wouldn't like that shape....was wondering how to sort it out and the mention of on-point made me turn it round, change how I was going to finish it...corner triangles and then a border instead of straight border and I am now very very happy with the design and the shape...will post a photo when it is finished. Thank you, thank you, thank you:)

Hi, Have just posted a picture of the finished quilt. Now all I need is a course of photography:)

Well done!  Looks great, Angela!


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