Has any one else tried to click on creating your web page and got it to do anything?

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I'm not sure where you mean...on my page there is a "customize page" link under my avatar (logo).  That's where I changed to colors and stuff.

Welcome Janie, I think I see what you are referring to. The homepage has a link to "create your own webpage". Clicking that link would take you to the page to sign-up. But since you've already done that, it doesn't do anything. I'll see what we can do to make that make more sense for everyone.


Thanks for joining - have a great time!

the way I read the promo for this site was that you could create your own web page.  That is what I was trying to find but never have yet.  Where did I miss it or is it not working yet?


I'm sure it's referring to the "customize page" link that is on the left side of your main page (underneath the AQS logo and your name).  You can do all sorts of things from there, such as change colors, set up the way your page looks, etc. I'm sure that your main page IS your website.


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