Good afternoon everyone  I have a question that I know some of you can help me solve.

I belong to a guilt guild and our Christmas dinner is fast approaching.  The person in charge usually makes a small gift for everyone as a rememberance.  Does anyone have an items that you either made or received that you could share with me?  Thanks.   Lauren

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I have been doing something similar for my guild for years.  The mug rugs are always a fan favorite for my guild.  There are some super easy ones online.  We have also done easy make pin cushions .  One of the cutest that I ever got was super simple.  They took a cupcake holder and wrapped up fat quarter and stuck a candy cane out of the middle.  It looked like a cupcake.  I still have mine at home somewhere, i will try to find it and send a picture.  How many ladies do you have?  If you need some more ideas  let me know.  I have tons of them.  I am so sad that this is the first year I am not part of a guild and wont be able to make any of the cute presents. 

This is the fabric cupcake I was talking about

How wonderful !! and a Great idea !!

So cute!

where did you purchase the cup cake holder ?, all I have ever seen are the cheap paper ones

Thanks Linda


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