Hello, ladies!
I came across your forum trying to find recommendations and I hope that I've come to the right place. 
I already have two sergers (one belongs to my mother, second is mine), neither do a coverstitch. Both do a three or four serged stitch. So now I'm looking to get a coverstitch machine but would like to know if a top cover machine is really worth the extra money compared to a bottom only cover machine? 

The second question is, which one to choose? I'm an amateur so it's hard for me to even narrow down my options. A colleague of mine recommended me to check out this list, yet I don't like to rely on reviews only. So I'd like to know more about your gear and how did you choose yours.
Thanks in advance!

(bonus wip photo attached)

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A cover stitch machine really isn't needed for quilting, it's only real use is hemming knits. Most of us would sooner be looking at a sashiko stitching machine, lol.That said, if you are so into sewing knitwear clothing such as athletic wear, you can't beat a cover machine for professional looking finishes. I think the Janome is the best bang for the buck, and easy to use. I don't own one, but l have tried them out. A few quilters piece with their sergers. Since this is a quilters's site, there are realatively few garment stitchers here.

Thanks for your reply, Riana! I really appreciate your help.
Guess I got it all wrong when a consultant recommended me a cover stitch for working with stretchy fabrics, lol. I'm so ashamed of myself now. 


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