Thank you everyone for your interest and attention on the community. We do our best to prevent people from joining the site and posting spam. Of course, people can at times be persistent, and we cannot delete them immediately.


We have noticed recently two types of spammers joining the site. One of them creates multiple accounts all with the same name; the other creates accounts under different names each time. The former attempts to spam individuals by posting comments on the pages of other users. The latter posts messages in various discussion groups. As soon as we are aware of them, we remove them from the site - including the content they have posted.


It has come to our attention that several of our members are receiving posts on their pages - as well as emails including the content of the post. Rest assured - your personal information is in no way at risk - and the individual does NOT have your email address or other information.


Although you can't directly keep spammers from the site, there are two things you can do to eliminate the intrusion into your page and inbox. Both of these are in your control in your settings on Essentially, your individual privacy and messaging settings probably allow anyone to post to your page, and you receive an email anytime something is posted there.


Here's how to stop the madness!

1. Locate your control panel links in the upper right side of your page:

2. Click on the "Settings" link

3. From here, locate the "My Settings" area to the left of the screen:

4. First, click the "Privacy" link

5. On this page, you will be able to see all the privacy settings for who can see your information, and who can comment on your page.

6. Look specifically for the area titled "Moderation"

7. Change the "Anyone" button in the first area - "comments on my blog, photos, and videos can be added by..." to either of the options other than "Anyone". This will prevent people from posting unwanted things on your individual page. - be sure to go to the bottom to "save" at the bottom of the page.

8. Now, back in the menu in the upper left, click the "Email"" link

9. This includes all the times you permit the site to send you automated messages, as well as other contacts.

10. Look for the place that includes the "My Quilt Place Messages"

11. Decide when you want to receive an email from the site, notifying you of a posting or event on the site. To specifically prevent the email messages when someone posts on your page, be sure to uncheck the "A comment on My Page". Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click to "save"


These steps should cut down on the annoyance and intrusion into your pages and sites posed by these frustrating spammers. We will continue to work to keep them out - but making these changes to your individual settings should greatly help keep it a problem for AQS to deal with - and one you need not worry about.


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hi debbie! i am on here way too often. and often, like now :)), it's a little break time sit down that turns into too long a play time here at mqp. but i agree, we are all friends here and it's always good when friends watch out for each other. especially in cyber lands.

Thank you for posting this for us.  I have copied it to save and check my settings.  I haven't had any problems, but know a few members have.

hi kim...did you file complint on your AQS facebook page? last i heard, the person who administers the AQS Facebook site is the same individual who monitors/manages the My Quilt Place site for AQS. so, if you fb...then you need to let the AQS fb site administrater know you have been approached by the same scammer in both places. that's just too scary, & too strange to be random coincedence.


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