Thank you everyone for your interest and attention on the community. We do our best to prevent people from joining the site and posting spam. Of course, people can at times be persistent, and we cannot delete them immediately.


We have noticed recently two types of spammers joining the site. One of them creates multiple accounts all with the same name; the other creates accounts under different names each time. The former attempts to spam individuals by posting comments on the pages of other users. The latter posts messages in various discussion groups. As soon as we are aware of them, we remove them from the site - including the content they have posted.


It has come to our attention that several of our members are receiving posts on their pages - as well as emails including the content of the post. Rest assured - your personal information is in no way at risk - and the individual does NOT have your email address or other information.


Although you can't directly keep spammers from the site, there are two things you can do to eliminate the intrusion into your page and inbox. Both of these are in your control in your settings on Essentially, your individual privacy and messaging settings probably allow anyone to post to your page, and you receive an email anytime something is posted there.


Here's how to stop the madness!

1. Locate your control panel links in the upper right side of your page:

2. Click on the "Settings" link

3. From here, locate the "My Settings" area to the left of the screen:

4. First, click the "Privacy" link

5. On this page, you will be able to see all the privacy settings for who can see your information, and who can comment on your page.

6. Look specifically for the area titled "Moderation"

7. Change the "Anyone" button in the first area - "comments on my blog, photos, and videos can be added by..." to either of the options other than "Anyone". This will prevent people from posting unwanted things on your individual page. - be sure to go to the bottom to "save" at the bottom of the page.

8. Now, back in the menu in the upper left, click the "Email"" link

9. This includes all the times you permit the site to send you automated messages, as well as other contacts.

10. Look for the place that includes the "My Quilt Place Messages"

11. Decide when you want to receive an email from the site, notifying you of a posting or event on the site. To specifically prevent the email messages when someone posts on your page, be sure to uncheck the "A comment on My Page". Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click to "save"


These steps should cut down on the annoyance and intrusion into your pages and sites posed by these frustrating spammers. We will continue to work to keep them out - but making these changes to your individual settings should greatly help keep it a problem for AQS to deal with - and one you need not worry about.


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Hope this is helpful. Just wanted to give it another boost in case some of our new members need to see the info.
We're just giving this another bump so it appears for any new members who may have joined recently.

For anyone who wants to adjust how often they receive notifications on the site, have a look at this!

 Hi my name is Debbie Keltner, I think there's someone named Rebecca Diana here on My Quilt Place, and they are a scammer be careful I believe she is trying to get bank account information from people here. I turned it over to my nephew who is a Washington county deputy. I thought she was someone who wanted to talk about quilts, but she just wanted me to help her get out of a refuge camp in Africa, you know the old story's about that kind of thing. At least I hope its a scam, because is she really is in real trouble there God help her. My nephew's not got back to me about it, but he said that's what it was. So hope no one else has had any trouble from her i should have said something earier. She got a hold of me last week and started trying to get me to get money for her from a Scotland bank. I sent her back an email telling her I would turn it over to the proper authorities, lol threw the america government. She still kept trying to email me I just put her emails on scam. At least I think that's right. Anyway I hope she's not hurt anyone else in here. Nephew thought you all would already know about this kind of thing, but I thought I should let you all know about it.

Thank you Deborah. We caught word of this account shortly after it was created, and deleted the user on January 28th. If you see something like this in the future, please send a message to us at AQS, and we can handle blocking the user right away.

thought that it would be a good time to bring this discussion up front again since we have a big bunch of new members, again! yaayy! new members! more peeps to meet & quilt with! and new opportunities for badies to slip in un-noticed! :((

I see this is an older post but always important. I want to add, because Deborah mentioned that she replied to "Rebecca...", that it is best to never reply to any email from anyone you don't know or requesting you send money or account/ss numbers. I hit the delete button so fast head would spin. Copy and paste the questionable persons email address in Google and search, it will usually show whether they are a scam or not, then if necessary report it to the authorities. I'm referring to general email too not only here on MQP.

Thank you so much for reminding everyone about the spammers that have recently been trying to join MQP. Thank you also for removing them from the site.

never ever post your personal E-MAIL ADDY ANYWHERE ON MQP, what you give the site when you register is kept private & NEVER SHARED. the site TRIES to keep us all SAFE, but we sometimes make that difficult for them when we willing allow scammers access to our personal home & email addys. this site just like every other social networking site on the internet can be read by nonmembers. what you post is available to all.

these people are scammers...they are just getting you to give them your private contact info.

kim this has happened a couple timees in past couple years. i have recieved mail similar to the one you did. mine were from three people who started their comment on my page the same way as stated in the status remarks posted yesterday by another member here @ MQP.

each time some kind soul such as yourself responds to the request thinking to offer quilting help. one lady did as you did and said she started getting mail from young mem in africa.

kim, the individual who contacted you also contacted others...this person has been removed from MQP.
hi kim ... i am just a member here like you. not part of AQS who runs this usually fun & safe playground we call MQP. but i have been trying to keep up w baddies here & post warnings just like you did. i have never responded to requests the way you & several others have reported that they did. my son was my pc teacher & computer guru when i first came into the cyber universe to play. he was very very strict about things like protecting myself, my privacy on the internet. tho i have gotten maleware & trojans etc over the years..nothing i or my cyber tech couldn't remove easily. & i frequently do searches on net to see what kind of personal info on i & hubs can be found on net. last check ...nothing except former addresses. counties & cities now allow access to property records & info therein. but we seem to be long gone before scammers find us.

have fun! ...but stay safe
Thanks for watching out for each other!! It's nice to have friends. I'm not on here often but I do enjoy it.



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