How do you prevent yourself from buying doubles like books, patterns etc ? If you have an iPhone there is an app called "books list" and you can scan the books you already have. It saves the picture and title of the book. It's great. Now if there was a way for the other stuff that I have bought doubles of. What do you do with the doubles? Sometimes it doesn't pay to return them because if shipping charges or especially if I had purchased stuff at  a quilt show. What do you do????

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I have bought doubles, but I've bought them intentionally.  Like if I really love a fabric I buy more just so I have some to keep and some to use.  I've bought double books, but those are so I can send one to a friend.  Tools I've never bought doubles of, unless I needed a second one...a larger cutting mat or rotary cutter for instance.  OH, I know something I've bought doubles of...thread!  I LOVE threads and I especially love Superior Threads.  I've bought doubles a couple of times, but now I use their inventory sheet to keep track of what I have.


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