Ok ladies it's been way too long since a swap so here we go.
Let's do a flying creatures quilt
This swap will be for beginner quilters and beyond.
SIZE: 12.5 inches un-finished blocks
NUMBER OF SQUARES: It takes 12 blocks for a quilt, make 12, keep one, send 11 in and you will get 11 back. If there are more than twelve we will either all make a extra few to match the signup # or fill out a second group of twelve for those who would like to be in 2 groups.
FABRICS: Bright colors on a white or off-white background. Whatever fits the theme just make sure you use a quilt shop quality fabric ( NO SEE THROUGH FABRIC)
DESIGN: Butterflies or dragonflies or other flying creatures. White on white or pale ivory background. let's make this a usable quilt so take it easy on the embellishments or make sure if you add some that the block can still be washable.
TECHNIQUE: pieced, paper pieced, appliqué or combination pieced and applique .
SWAP METHOD: Centralized. That means your blocks will be sent to me - ( send me a friend request so I can send you my address if you don't already have it.)
POSTAGE:Along with your blocks send me a STAMPED self-addressed FLAT RATE envelope. I will use this to send the blocks back to you.
SIGN UP DEADLINE : July 31st .The goal is to have 12 joiners or more so that you will get back at least 11 different blocks.
SIGN UP: To sign-up post a comment to this discussion and send me a friend request if I am not on your friends list.Once you are signed up I will message you my address and you can do the same through a MQP message. It is a good idea not to post your address in the discussion because anyone, even those not in the swap can see it.
MAIL IN DEADLINE: ALL blocks must be in my hands by August 31st. If you can get them done early, send them!
If you join and can not complete your blocks please notify me as soon as possible so the rest of the group is not waiting on your blocks. If life happens to throw a
curve ball your way it is ok to cancel out, there's always next time! Remember to check back often for info and updates!!
If I have left anything out, or you have any questions, please ask!
1.) Connie Wilkerson *
2.) Mary Aldrich
3.) Gayle Clements *
4.) Carla Walton *
5.) Chef Lisa
6.) Kenya Hampton *
7.) Beth North *
8.) Mary-Anne Buist *
9.) Rebecca Schmitt *
10.) Jean McCusker *
11.) Ginny Andersen *
12.) Cristin McCusker *
13.) Tracy Bloodgood *
14.) Chris Michelle *

* indicates receipt of blocks

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Replies to This Discussion

Let me know if you want to join and I will add your name to the list. :))

Thank you , Connie. I am in, this is going to be fun!  hehehhe I have a surprise up my sleeve, LOL

I'm in connie.

I'm in
Finally figured out how to reply on my phone.

Connie, talked to Kenya a bit ago.... she's back from Houston and working on her sons ranch house now. She wants on this one too.

Think I would like to join in.  Wedding will be over by then and I have a few ideas on some flying creatures I could do.

Yup - I'm in Connie......................you will have to keep mine though until I get back to Arizona in November if that is OK

Got you covered Mary-Anne and am happy too.

Connie - do you want to see our patterns before we stitch them out so that they aren't duplicated? Or does it matter - I am sure everyone's colors will be different.  I am thinking I might do 2 of them - one applique and the other embroidered.

So two sets? If so, I'll put you down twice. It's up to you if you reveal or not :)
Wow got a few more! Yummy


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