Just reported glitch to AWS about new member called 'happiness'.  Got 4 emails saying he/she was a new member.  Check quilters and 'happiness' is on list 4 times.  Anybody else getting emails about this person?

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I thought I'd better add a little humor into everyone's life about now before this 'bug' destroys our group.  So sit back, read, and smile!  Things could be worse.  Don't ask me how, it just could...


This was from one of my FB friends: 

A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty. She's always well dressed, hair done, behaves gracefully in all situations and all circumstances. She never swears. She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone. Post this as your status if you, too, have just realized that you might be a man.


Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary & his wife was angry. She said, "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds & IT BETTER BE THERE!" When she woke up, she looked out the window & sure enough there was a box in the middle of the driveway. She ran outside to open it & inside she found a brand new bathroom scale. Bob has been missing since Friday.


I have gotten two in the last two days. This isn't the first time though. Right after I joined I got the same type of message but I don't remember who it was from. Glad I'm not the only one but not to happy that it is happening.
Trust me Kathy, no one is.  Just delete it.  We can't let one person's foolishness ruin our fun.
I just got one this morning and definitely thought it was spam. I have now deleted it having seen this thread. Thanks for reporting it for us.
Yes, I did.  I deleted it without opening, because it didn't sound like a quilter to me.  V
I too received an email from this "happiness" person. I'm so glad you posted this because I didn't realize how easy it would be for someone to gather so much info about me. I promptly went to my profile and updated it with only the info I think is important. I'd hate to have to leave this site because I do enjoy it.Thanks for the heads up.
Good morning... I'm so new here and yes, I have gotten several messages from 'happiness'.  I deleted all from my inbox and finally marked the last one as spam.  So, I think, I may not get notices from 'my quilt place' now because it was marked as spam.  I will just check back daily.  Don't know how to get it off 'spam'.  I'm glad I stopped by to see what was going on.  Thank you.

I got one too and went to check it out at my comments section & nothing there...I did not click the link within the e-mail to reply..It looks strange, much broken English grammar but, still don't know why nothing showed up when I logged in to this site & check my comments.  I am NEW to this site...just a day or two and have not had time yet to explore the different sections and features...to navigate through the site....I hope to learn more about this site this weekend...Thanks for posting you msg about this issue...I was about to just delete my account here thinking the entire site might be a fraud....


Debbie, you didn't see the post in your comments because AQS had already deleted it from the site.  There's nothing they can do to delete it from your emails.  Just delete it.  As long as you don't click on any links within the post, you're ok.  AQS is on top of the situation and is doing everything they can to resolve it.


And as I posted before, spammers are going to find a way to hack into any site they feel with satisfy their sick needs.  They need to get a better hobby, like quilting!

I am glad I saw this because I got one this weekend. It was weird. Glad to know the issue has been resolved. YAY! Thank you.


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