Just reported glitch to AWS about new member called 'happiness'.  Got 4 emails saying he/she was a new member.  Check quilters and 'happiness' is on list 4 times.  Anybody else getting emails about this person?

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Here's the email I got from AQS:

Thanks Garnie, this person has been removed. This person signed up with multiple email addresses, which is why what appeared to be the same message came multiple times.

Sometimes people join the site with unfriendly intentions. We rely on everyone to help identify and spot them, so we can take care of it.

Thanks for reporting it, and our apologies for the frustration!


If you see anything suspicious on the site, report it!  The link is at the bottom of the page.  This is our group and it's up to us to help keep it clean and fun.  Thanks ladies!

Thank you!!!  So appreciate you handling this so quickly for us!!  I was alarmed to get multiple copies of the same spam from this former member.
Yeah I got it too. I just deleted it.
Just delete it, Candy

When I got the message from "happiness", I became a little concerned about the information that is being shared on this site.  In my profile it shows what town I am from.  It required my zip code and stated that it would not show the zip code.  Well, it doesn't do any good to not show the zip code, but go ahead and show the town.  Big cities might not be an issue, but not everyone lives in a big city.  I don't think I realized that my full name was going to be displayed with each post.  I changed that now.  I was very close to deleting my presence here after that message from "happiness" this morning.  Good thing my internet went down and I had time to think more rationally before I made a change I couldn't reverse.

I think a better option for finding where someone is from is not to ask for the zip code at all.  If they need the zip code to kind of keep tabs on who is legit or whatever, don't show the zip code or the town and allow the member to submit what they want to show... like in my case I would put South Central Texas. 

That's a really good point.  This same person just did the same thing again...they added themselves several times.  I would definitely write to AQS and give them your concerns about the zip code thing too..I'm in a small town as well and would prefer if my profile just said "United States".

Melissa, Please don't leave the group.  This doesn't happen very often. But when it does, rest assured that we are on the ball in taking care of the situation. 

This is one of the best and most secure groups I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. 

AQS does a good job monitoring the site, but they don't always catch bad people as they come in.  They depend on the members to alert them of those who slip through the cracks, and that happens with any group you join.  I have a yahoo group that is monitored.  You have to have permission to join.  But even then, I never know if someone joined for the wrong reasons until they do something wrong.  So please don't blame the site for this person's ignorance. 


You won't find a group as close as we are.  Read the posts and get an idea of the closeness and family atmosphere between the members.  We would hate to loose you before we even get to know you.  I hope you will stay and enjoy  quilting with us.

WooPee!  That a girl.  We're not gonna let some hacker spoil our fun.

Grandma Sal,

I just sent a post to Melissa. I hope you will read it and consider not leaving the group. 

Check out the post that AQS sent to the group.  I also checked my profile about the zipcode thing.  You can set your privacy setting where only your friends can even see your profile.  You might want to consider doing that.  Your friends on this site  have to send you a request and you have to approve it.  I'm going to set mine on Just Friends.  That way, 'if' we have anymore of 'those people', they can't send you a personal email.


I am so sorry that this person upset so many of my friends.  I never got an email from them.  I just noticed that I got 5 intros about them.  So hopefully, this is over and done with and we can get back to the fun at hand...  QUILTING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thank you everyone for your understanding while we do our best to keep spammers out  - and quilting fun in!


We have put together some information for you to help understand how you can prevent these spammers from posting on your page, and intruding your box. The full information is here:



Rest assured - these members are deleted as soon as they are noticed, and they NEVER have any access to your email address or other information.


Your individual page privacy settings can keep these people from stepping in your place.


Thanks again for your patience - and diligent monitoring of the site and our users.

I got my first post from 'Happiness' today at 6:47pm.  AQS has since deleted all messages from the site from this person.  Guess they are on alert for this person now.


So if you get a post from this person again, just delete it and report it to AQs (bottom of page - Report An Issue).

I did too and I did not answer, unless someone says its ok, I will not add them, him or her...Thanks Brenda


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