Just reported glitch to AWS about new member called 'happiness'.  Got 4 emails saying he/she was a new member.  Check quilters and 'happiness' is on list 4 times.  Anybody else getting emails about this person?

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I just received an email from happiness.  Quite broken english.   Thought it very  strange. I won't be answering.


I did as well, I just deleted it. Like you, I wont be answering her/him either. Just chalk it up to, what makes the world go around. Have a great night. Im trying to keep cool and waiting for my newest grandbaby to make his arrival. Could be a long night.

any way to block him or her from being here ?


I got one too. This person's profile looks suspect, so I reported it to AQS as a problem. (The link to do this is at the very bottom of this page - "Report an issue). I also removed the post, and you CAN block messages too. There was a URL on the bottom of my email notice of this post to do that, which I did. Not sure how to get there if you don't get email notices for posts. Wonder if this is a lonely person, or another set up of those wonderful requests for money from Nigeria! LOL.

Me too. Just got one. VERY sus.



Thanks Garnie, this person has  been removed. This person signed up with multiple email addresses, which is why what appeared to be the same message came multiple times.


Sometimes people join the site with unfriendly intentions. We rely on everyone to help identify and spot them, so we can take care of it.


Thanks for reporting it, and our apologies for the frustration!

Yes, I just got a message too. Thank you for looking into this, I myself am new to this 

and don't want to get into anything strange. 

Hi Garnie,
I too am getting these emails from 'happiness'. Emails didn't make sense,and had nothing to do with quilting. I do think this is spam.
Yes...I am new to this group and that was my first email.  It kind of made me nervous about posting here.  It made absolutely no sense, had lots of mispelled words and lousy punctuation.  I did not respond as I thought it might be spam.  Sure hope this doesn't happen often.
I received it too, will not respond and block her in someway.
I received an email too and deleted it. Thanks Garnie for bringing this up, and thanks to the site admin for dealing with it!



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