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I would like to get tips for boosting my business. I have a quilt business in Toronto. We are facing huge loss in the business recently due to careless in inspection for damaged quilts.That was just one time but we are bearing a bad name after that. We need to come up, overcome this debacle. I read an article how the promotional items helped to improve the business http://www.clubink.ca/blog/promoting-bsuiness/how-promotional-items... I thought of implementing it in our business. I am planning to give out Christmas gifts for each purchase. And also we are offering customers free quilt for a purchase of $500 and above. Hope we would get a good business for this Christmas. Any other suggestions or ideas to improve our business?


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  • Alice, l'm a retired business owner ( custom drapery in Huntsville Ont.) and l know how important a good reputation is in the business world. So first off, you must take measures to make sure nothing ever sullies your name again.Check & recheck orders. Make sure clients get exactly what they ordered delivered when they ask. 
  • Have you made it up to those who received damaged goods? Something more than just a replacement and/or refund can go a long way. Clients need to know how you handle problems ( promptly and with grace).
  • Know your market...did you notice that you posted a business help request in the ''quilting for charity'' section? You must take better notice. 
  • Sites such as this are designed for mutual support in our craft of quilting, but tgere's no reason we can't help with this too...just keep in mind we're not into ''promoting'', and you will be reported if that occurs. Facebook, twitter and all the promotional type sites have their own ins & outs. l always enjoyed good ''word of mouth'' new business. 
  • The best customer is a repeat customer. They already found you, they have ''friends', and they might easily make future or even multiple purchases...so try promoting an incentive to get clients to repeat or expand their orders.
  • Add-ons add $$ ls there an accessory or other item that your customers might also buy? Having a product to store or clean the item they purchased is a good start.
  • Give to the community...support a charity, offer quilts for storm relief ( only what you can afford) Could some of those damaged quilts be repaired & given to a shelter for homeless? People will notice, you won't have to ''toot your horn'' about this.
  • Find another business who could use your product in their own marketing scheme. A wholesale customer can often ''bridge the gap'' during a slow season.

Thank you Riana Noyes


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