The Designer Batik Swap has decided to start up a BLOCK ROBIN

where each person makes a 16" block and passes on to the next person, the idea is to use elements from the original block. As each person creates a block they will work from each block to tie all of them together. It may be pieced, appliqued, done as a traditional block or as an art block, using paint, fibers, specialty fabrics - making sure that the block can be quilted.

  • 16" Block needs to be done in a month, when each person completes the blocks they will hold till the set is complete and a photo needs to be posted for the next person on the ROBIN!
  • If you want specifics for your block, you can pass the instructions onto the next person by posting the instructions. Some of you may want a certain fabric so you may want a large enough piece to travel with the blocks. You may want a certain design or pattern, you must post instructions.
  • You must post your instructions with the block you made on this discussion page. Each person is responsible to complete a 16" block in a months time for each person in the set.
  • All blocks become the possession of the owner, so they will have all the rights to every block made by someone else.
    • Be conscience of copy rights.
    • Abide by the quilt rules and be a protector!
    • Please use quilt store quality fabric.

Example: Person 1 has a theme fabric in their Block, lets say it was a 'flamingo fabric 'that was pieced, the owner said she liked flamingos. I do a block of a mola style applique of a flamingo as a 16" square. (Which is what I really did for one of the gals in my group). Person number two took my mola design then printed it off on photo copy fabric and did a pieced pattern.

You may either use a section of the designer fabric and create some of your own design, art block or a traditional pattern, it must be a 16" square.

You will then send that finished block to the owner after the set is complete, (I will message everyone in the group to ship off the blocks to their owner, this is just to keep people honest. When a picture is posted I will credit that person and monitor the group to keep the time frame in check. 

 A list will be on hand for everyone. You can always message the owner and ask questions or ideas.

I have decided that we will send a paper photo of our blocks off to the next person, that way the postage will not get out of hand or missing pieces.

Please respond if you would like to try your hand at this.

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  1. Chef Lisa
  2. Patbruck
  3. Carri Belcher

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Sign me up Lisa.

You are signed up Pat

I'm in! This sounds like a great idea!

I updated the rules on the Block Robin.

I was initially going to have the block sent to the next person but I decided, that would be a bit costly for postage each time. Then I was going to have the blocks sent to me but then I would be responsible to send them with a postage burden.

SO, I think the right choice is when the block is finished a picture must be posted to get credit and hold it for that person when the set is complete. I will message everyone when they can send the blocks off to their owners.

Hopefully we can get enough people to make it really fun and get enough blocks for a unique quilt.

There is a great example of what I did on this gals block and what the next person did. That should help give you an idea of what can be done. It is a great way to widen your creativity.

Lisa,I was concerned about the postage so what you just suggested is a great idea.Hope we can get enough people to participate,how many do we need?

Enough to do a round lets see if we can't coach some of the other girls to jump in. Once we do one group it may catch on.

I was thinking the same thing,probably take a couple of weeks to get people enthused,do you have a sample of one you can post so we get an idea of what one looks like?

Yes I do but I need to find them, they are in one of my containers. I could probably do up a mock block quicker then searching. I'll do that this week.


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