Birds remind us that Spring is almost here. Let’s do a 12” block that incorporates a Bird/Birds. It can be any bird you want, make all the same for as many as we have participating. Opening for 12 spots

You will make 12 - 12” bird blocks that will be sent to me on or before April 18. Send blocks with a return self addressed stamped envelope. I will message my address to those who don’t already have it. It must be constructed of quality fabric. It can be done in any method you desire. The background can be what fits with your bird - if you have a Cardinal in winter on a snowy tree branch or bird getting a worm on a spring grassy area. Just remember the bird is the focal point.

You must post your progress on this discussion page.

RULE: you must Post progress or you could loose your spot in the exchange. We have created a great group from our block exchanges in the past. Several have created some wonderful works of art. If you are having troubles you can message me or Carla and/or post on the page and one or several may be able to help let’s make this fun again!

  1. Chef - Pelican*
  2. Carla - Hummingbird*
  3. Connie - Robin*
  4. Mary Anne - Canadian Goose*
  5. Beth - Chickadee, Meadowlark 
  6. Jean - Flamingo or roadrunner*
  7. Wilma - Shabby Chic Birdcage*
  8. Gail - Oreo*
  9. Rosemary Martens*
  10. Kathy - Owl*
  11. Gail C *
  12. Delphine - Peacock*

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I get my mail in late afternoon I’ll let you know either way. 

Went to a show in Pensacola Friday with a few of the girls from the guild.  So many pretty quilts, got inspired.  After show we went to fabric store, we had already visited vendors at the show, practiced restraint.  They wanted me to see this shop I had never been to.  OMG, over 15,000 bolts of fabric and a twenty five per cent discount for people that had their bracelets on from the quilt show.  It was packed with people that had been to the show and the only way I can describe it is bedlam.

One thing I noticed at the show was the number of hand quilted quilts.  I am a hand quilter and some people look at me like I have two heads.  To me that is the most enjoyable part of the process.  I have quilted many for other people.  Some are tops that people make themselves and want handquilted but the ones I really love to do are the ones that have been in an attic or closet for generations.  Sometimes old blocks are found at flea markets or yard sales. 

I am all inspired and ready to go,Iv'e had my tune up. Came home and finished my bird blocks so they will be in the way shortly.  

Nice story. I admire you hand stitchers. I just can’t seem to find time now for my handwork. Yes I saw a few all hand done in Venice. I ranked them at first place. I think there are several of us that love those hidden gems from grandmas cedar chest. I lost several of mine after hurricane Charlie. I’ll be watching for your blocks. 

Tell us what that quilt shop was in Pensacola. Connie visits there and I visit there. I love Pensacola! 

The quilt shop in Pensacola is A & E.  It is certainly nothing fancy, part of the building was at one time a pharmacy/kind of general store.  There is still a little stock left from that, no pharmacy stuff, justsome jewelry and really tacky holiday decorations, etc.  The only quilt store I ever saw that sells lottery tickets.  At first it looks like organized confusion, but, it is a really fun place. 

It is located at 923 N. New Warrington in Pensacola and the phone # is 850-455-9831.

Yes I received them today. Thanks


I have finished my blocks but have a problem with the Australian Post Office.  They say I can't put Australian Postage on a letter to be posted from America.  Is there a way of paying for the postage

Delphine you can put money in your plastic inside a sealed envelope to ship here. Make sure you use tape around the whole package so it won’t get damaged in shipping and I will do the same to return them. I’m curious to see what your cost is to ship. I have a new found friend that has asked me to send her fabrics from here. 

What is your address please? I will send it Friday and will put money in bag



Lisa Gorski

2011 SE 8th Terrace

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Omg these bird blocks are looking fabulous. This swap will have some wonderful quilts! Thanks girls they all look so beautiful!  

Lisa I don't have your address to send my blocks to.  Can you please message me your address.  You  can also email me at  Thanks so much.

I sent you my address. 


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