What kind of pins do you use to pin a quilt? I started out with the quilting curved pins! They of course do work better that a safety pin! The more I pinned the more I knew that I was running out!! So I went to shop for more pins! I bought the inch and a half brass pins, and another 250 curved pins!! Man I will buy all brAss large pins from now on!! It pins much faster and it catches more fabric too! You live and you learn girls!! But my Dresden quilt is all pinned and ready to quilt!! Here it goes!!

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I used the brass pins when I was first starting out, but I wanted a smoother finish in the back and I found with brass I had bulky places...probably because I grabbed too much fabric.  Now I use the #1 curved pins so my backing surface is flat and smooth.  Some of my quilts have had over 900 pins in them! 
Wow! I dont feel so bad! I used over 800 pins in my quilt! That's pinning for hrs! But I enjoyed it! I'll learn the best ways to get these things done! I sure hope my quilt does not become a MESS! thank you Bridget!
The more you pin the faster it goes...I'm amazed at how fast I can go now.  Do you have the special tool to use for closing the pins?  The Kwik Klip? It's especially helpful when you're taking them out as you quilt.


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