Baby Doll Quilt Swap Rules

These are small quilts used for baby dolls, or table toppers if you have no little girls.

Size should be between 18x22 and 10x14. Rectangular in shape with no buttons or anything that can be a choking hazard. Please add a label on the back of your date, and "Baby Doll Quilt Exchange". Can be an actual label or just written on backing...your choice! Quilt must be 3 layers and quilted or tied. Please do not just sew 2 pieces of fabric together...try to do some kind of piecing or creative, and do not worry about it being perfect!! the little girls or tables won;t care!!

Sign ups end March 14, 2012

Finished quilts received by me by April 28,2012

One of our members knows a shop that collects these quilts for hospitals and such. If you would like to, you can make a second quilt to donate to this cause. IT IS NOT MANDATORY to make two quilts...whether you make one or two, you will only receive one back. If you do make two, send both to me and I will then get the donated ones to our other member, Carol Olson.

I will make sure you DO NOT receive your own quilt back!!

Any questions or suggestions, PLEASE feel free to speak up!! Have fun ladies!


Forgot to add...PLEASE include return postage for the quilt you will get in return. I will cover postage for the donated ones because I will include them all in one box. Thanks ladies!!


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What is a baby doll quilt?

HI Linda-

I made a quilt for my little girl's baby doll that was about 16x18 inches...perfect size for her dolls! I have made her a few since she has more than one baby doll. Also I found this size to be good as a table mat on the coffee table just in caase you have no little girls in the house!! Would you like to join?

Yes, I think so.  It sounds like a good way to use up scraps!



Here are the rules...

Size should be no bigger than a FQ (18x22), and no smaller than 10x14. It does not have to be can use any fabric as long as it washes well!! It must be three, batting, bottom. It can be bound with regular binding or silky binding, or not bound at all...just as long as the edges are finished in someway. Can be embellished, again as long a it is washable.


Should we exchange addresses or should I collect and disperse them?

Any suggestions, please feel free!!


I would watch the embellishments these are for some little girls and Chocking Hazards are a no no. No beads, buttons, or anything else they might be able to pull off. My grandbaby is already into the dolls but is only 10 months old. Love the size

good thinking Carol...thaks!! When I typed that, I was thinking ric rac, lace, etc. I didn't think of buttons and things like that....thank you!!

Please see Carol's comment about buttons and such...NO BUTTONS or anything the little ones could pull off!!

Hello Jennifer,

Love this idea - have a granddaughter who has several cousins (all girls) so this would be a big hit.  Count me in please and thank you!

wELCOME mELANIE!! NOT sure of all the rules yet, just waiting to see how many are interested...I will post "official" rules when I know who wants to participate.

Any time limit on this one?

Who ever is interested in this, please send me your name by March 1. I would like the project to last through the month of March and have finished products delivered by Easter in case anyone wants the Easter Bunny to leave any in Easter Baskets. I think the best way to do the exchange is have everyone mail a finished product to an assigned partner, just like in the Charm Swap. I will assign partners and you would be responsible to mail it to that person. If anmyone has any suggestions, PLEASE feel free to speak up!!

Also...if you already sent your name, please re-send it. I thought I had posted the names I have so far, but can't find the post!! thanks to all who participate...let's have some more fun!!



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