found a collection on sale. who uses or has used this thread. do you like it? pros & cons please? even at clearance price, a collection is pretty pricey. thank you for any comments.

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i have just started using it. i have been reasing about it's quality for quite some time. but it is expensive. but i found a set on sale, tried it, love it. and had thought to continue looking for sales and buying till i have a nice assortment of basic colors. but when i read this article i started re-thinking my plan. i do appreciate tha he has removed the offensive, sexist remarks and postings to his instagram & twitter accounts. but i also believe that that was done under duress.

Rogue, I read the article.  Not the person I would want representing my company.  I have used Aurifil and liked it, but didn't really think I would use it a lot because of the price.  

i agree vickie. amd not a company i wish to support if they allow this guy to continue in his current position where he can insult intelligent successful business women. there is no place for his style of obnoxious sexist insults to women in an industry that is supported primarily women. i know men sew & quilt, but if they tabulated...the majority would be women supporting the multi billion dollar quilting industry. i have known quite a few native italians that had imigrated to the USA or were here on work visas. nice, polite men. this guy says he is an "italian bad boy" ..i think he is a rich family's embarrasing playboy child who has been raised to do as he wished w/o control or adult counsel. think i will order that new thread i saw in a catalog recently. the description was excactly like aurofil, but cheaper.

Thanks for posting the article.  An eye opener for sure.

this is what I usually use on my longarm I really like it. 

I really like Sulky thread and use it almost exclusively in my piecing. Haven't tried it for longarm quilting though because I can't find it in the 5000 yard spools.

janice - thanks for your input. i don't long arm, have hesitated to use two ply to quilt with, but am liking this thread for piecing & will buy more ---when it's on sale. too pricey at full price.

chris - thanks for the note about sulky. i have wondered about that brand also. it's hard to judge threads. there are several that seem to be popular w some quilters & then not other quilters. i want to try sulky also. i have used CT threads for years and been content w them. they now have a new thinner thread that i will try --the next time they have their annual thread sales :))

If you go to and go to shopping and not classes under supplies you will find Aurifil thread much cheaper than any other shop on the internet. I have bought some for as low as $6.50  a spool and $71.00 for 12 spool case . Its the only place I buy mine at and  the sales vary from month to month. Susan


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