found a collection on sale. who uses or has used this thread. do you like it? pros & cons please? even at clearance price, a collection is pretty pricey. thank you for any comments.

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Rogue, I use Aurifil for all of my piecing and usually use it for fmq. The exception was my most recent project (the bear track - I posted a pic of it last week). I used Superior for that as they had a variegated color that I needed. I love Aurifil. It is a strong thread and throws very little lint. I also get more accurate piecing with it. As for cost, I think you will find that the yardage is at least twice what other brands have per spool. Try it, you will like it!
thank you ethelda. the spools are 1422-yards each. set of 12. a quiter in one of my local q groups bought a similar set "on sale" for almost 20$ more than this add says for this set. i use old two ply cotton for piecing mini. i have read to use silk. but what i am doing works. as you say with the aurifil, less seam bulk.

Where is the sale!  (I love aurifil!)

hi birdie! the sale is clearance at keepsake quilting. i don't buy collections, but this set is colors i will occassionally use, price is right.

Always use aurifil.  Best thread I've ever used.

thank you christine. i ordered it and, since posting here, have read comments on other quilt forums. aurifil seems to be right up there in popularity as superior threads etc. looking forward to trying it.

Been using Aurafil now for a couple of months at the recommendation of local quilt shop's resident Bernina repair tech. Blown away by how much better my machines sew with this thread.  ZERO problems with thread nests, skipped stitches, breaking threads, and virtually NO thread lint built up in the bobbin case, etc. I definitely will continue to use Aurafil from now on.  He was dead on right about it being awesome thread.  Also, the spools are large enough that they last forever.  I've pieced 3 quilt tops recently and STILL have thread left.  His suggestion was to get two thread white or ivory AND their light gray...they go with everything.  The gray is amazing at how it blends so well with every fabric I've used so far. So I would say go for it

yes, that was one of the brands virtues i thought. the 1200 yard spools are a good deal. they don't last me forever, but long enough :)) i like the varigated threads of valdani, but the guy i buy fr doesn'r stock much in varigated 50wt. valdani spools are 500, 1200 etc.

So, have you used it yet? Do you like it? I agree with everything that's been said. The only time I use anything else is for topstitching. I don't want a whole spool of a specialty color I will never use. Oh, and I have also used it for 1 color machine embroidery. Works great.

i don't do machine embroidery, but i have read that it is good for that. yes i bought the set. perfect selection of colors. nice thread, i like it a lot. anoter thing i like about it is the 2-ply is thin enough to use for hand applique too. low lint, good colors selections, 2-ply, large yardage on spools ...i am finding there's a LOT to like avout aurifil thread.
...found this article. not sure if i should or want tp continue to use & love aurifil thread as long as this character is part of the company. what do you think?
Well, it is excellent thread and I will keep using it. It is just too bad the company has such a jerk for a PR person. Maybe the company board can educate him on sexism and the inappropriate remarks that he tweets.


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