I am just getting started with my Tiara. I have no trouble with smaller projects, but I am struggling with my stitching in the ditch. Moving all that fabric around and such...no guide per say...any advice? Do you stitch in the ditch on your Tiara?

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I forgot to say I am struggling with a large queen size quilt.
i am not familiar w the tiara. but in my experience, stitch in the ditch is difficult. only guide i can think of would be ruler. i just do it w/o. it is slow process but looks soooo nice! to do it and stay in the ditch i pull lightly to the sides of the seam on the quilt as i slowly nove the whole through. i'm not sure how to explain ...but i've always done it this way & i've had people look at top, turn quilt over & see stitch line, look at top again ...it's magic i tell them :))

and when quilting on my domestic machine i always start in middle of quilt & work out. i read that some quilters start on a edge & just quilt across, but i find it easier & better looking results -front & back - by start in middle & work out in all four directions til done.

A Queen size quilt can be VERY bulky and hard to maneuver. I would maybe suggest you look for a tutorial on splitting the batting to lessen the bulk, which helps with moving the quilt. I know several of my friends handle larger quilts this way with good results. 

i have read of this method & one of the modern mystery quilt members here @ mqp did hers this way. since while using a domestic w small throat area i've done fine w/o resort to this nethod. you can only work in small areas, bunch the quilt bulk around you ...work one small area at a time & move on. works great! & no seams to hand stitch closed on back when finished. my largest size done has been a few queen & one large (size between a king & a queen) comforter w all-over quilting for my tall, 6'5", son.

progress!This is a photo of a 108 x 95" quilt I pieced and quilted on my 15" Bailey (unregulated, just a basic home quilter).I usually have it in a frame in my garage loft, but in winter, it comes into the house, either in my little 5' frame or set in the counter in my sewing room. You can see the legs of the folding table I use when doing large projects on the table. It sits to the left of my chair. When quilting I "puddle" some of the quilt  where my hands will be, so I can move the quilt around for about 10" area in diameter before having to shift it. I have some on my lap too, but the majority is on table & counter. It's not hard on shoulders or neck this way. I use a hopping foot, as I find the floating kind gets hung up on seams. On this quilt, I quilted veins in most of the center leaves , and swirls nearer the outside (see page 7 in my photo section). I do stitch in the ditch mainly to stabilize, or around applique. You are not twisting/turning the quilt, you let the hopper go forward, back or sideways ( it takes some practice). As long as the quilt is NOT allowed to pull due to lack of support, it's easy enough. As Rogue says, you position your hands , use grip gloves or lotion, and pull the seam gently apart as you stitch on the low side of seam. Clear monofilament thread is great for this. Lucky you...your Tiara has a regulator, so your stitches will be nice and even from the beginning.

I have a tiara I love it This last quilt had trouble setting the tension on it. I have not done anything bigger then a twin quilt 

I don't own a Tiara, I use a Brother Innova for all my quilting.  However I find stitch-in-the-ditch a lot more difficult than outline, shadowing and/or edge to edge quilting.  If you get on the wrong side of the 'ditch' your stitching is off.  There is a 'foot' on Nancy's Notions that is supposed to make stitch-in-the-ditch easier.  I am ordering one because I have a quilt that calls for this stitching.  Best of Luck!

How's that queen size quilt coming along, Mitzie?

I have done both I have not done big quilts because I need a table on both side to help hold it and don't have room for that right now because I need to move sewing room in to my bed room because of kids moving back but daughter will close on her house on the 6th Oct then I can spread out again


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