I just received an email from AQS inviting me to enter a quilt in the AQS Lancaster show.  The email letter said they had seen my quilts here.  Is everyone getting these invites or did they possibly see one they liked?

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While I did also receive this invitation, I don't have a quilt ready to present as a show piece at this point.  I was grateful to be asked and have considered entering in the show.  I must also admit, I don't actually own most of my work when I am done.  I do mainly memorial quilting out of recycled family textiles (old hankies, neck ties, T- shirts, flannel plaid, baby clothes, etc.) from deceased family members of my clients. 

To send these textiles across the country to a quilt show puts them at risk to be lost or stolen, even if accidentally lost in the mail.  I would not feel right about losing someone else's family heirlooms, so I have chosen not to enter any of these quilts. The day will come that I will enter, but it has to be the right quilt at the right time. I'm hoping for next year in the recycled fabrics division of some sort.   

After reading these responses, I discovered that many need the confidence to know our quilts may inspire someone else to try a new technique or find a new way to support the community through quilting. We can all name a quilter who we admire and think quilts better than us or deserves the award more than us.  Can I compete with Kim Diehl or would Kaffee Fossett think my work is beautiful or inspirational? I don't know, but I do know that If local quilters don't display their work, their will be no more quilt shows for us to attend.  Of course we enjoy seeing the work of those that publish patterns and books.  And we may not win Best in Show, or even Viewer's Favorite, but maybe someone will enjoy my methodology and begin to recycle their fabrics, or support their grief crisis center by making memory quilts or teddy bears.  Prizes are wonderful, and it would top my bucket list to win, but remember we learn from each other when we display our work, whether that is locally or nationally.  The National Quilt Show is just Show and Tell in a larger forum and you may surprise yourself and end up with ribbons and prize money.  If I can by chance meet Kim Diehl and stitch with Better Homes and Gardens for a day, or have my quilt hang beside one Kaffee Fossett's, I will have enjoyed the experience and have my own story to tell.  If you are there this week, enjoy Des Moines and know Lancaster or Paducah in the spring need entries to review and display.     

I did, and it couldn't have come at a more heart breaking time.  The woman I quilt with, the woman who adopted me, mother of my best friend, had a massive stroke and was in the hospital unable to communicate.  It took the wind right out of my sails.


I am so sorry for your loss.  It would change my outlook on quilting and cause me great pain as well.  I hope that you will or have found some joy in knowing that you have wonderful memories to share.  I used to work in family ministry and while your friend may not be able to speak or even move, she will feel the love you offer her when you wrap her in a quilt made from your hands. It always amazed me when people could not speak or hardly move, how they would communicate with their body because tears would fall as people would read to them or a small twitch of a smile would come across their face when shown the latest project.  Even though she couldn't speak or maybe barely move, she felt your presence in her life.      

I have a question about entering quilts into shows. Are you allowed to share progress photos of your work with friends if you are planning on submitting an entry? Also,when does the entry forms come available for Paducah? I have never entered a quilt. Are there any rules that we should be aware of before submitting any entry? Thanks in advance,Kathy

Kathy, You can click on this link ( http://aqsshows.com/news/2013-contest-rules/ ) to find out more about the contests and who to contact directly with questions. If you scroll down and look toward the bottom right on that, you will find a box that contains a link to the PDF of the 2013 Contest Rules. Good luck and hope you will enter a quilt. Sylvia Thomas


Thanks Sylvia

Many of us got the letter. Its a great way to cyber sell for their quilt show. I sent one of my precious quilts in, it has won money once.

I received an e-mail too.  Was flattered, but not even close to ready to submit quilts for judging. 

I have a quilt that I think would be worthy of consideration to submit... but today I talked to a lady who has been a judge at a quilt show or two.  I wanted her opinion about me entering my quilt.  First of course you have to get your pictures and your entry form filled out properly.  From this information, if the judges determine that your quilt is worthy, and at the next level they give you instructions on how to ship it to them for the hands on judging at the show... no matter how careful you are, quilts can be lost in the shipping process... even if you insure them... you have to be willing to accept the quilt is gone.  I am not willing to take that chance.  Unless I have an official assessed value declared... it is my word against theirs that my quilt was worth $1,000 or whatever price they want to come up with.  Besides even if they were willing to give me $1,000 for my lost quilt... my quilt is still gone.  I might wait for a local show to give this more serious consideration.

I received one as well and well honestly thought it was a joke so I deleted it...No way are my quilts competition worthy let alone competition at an AQS showing...

Just wondering...Now that everyone has had a chance to think about entering a quilt in the Lancaster show, who is going to give it a try? You still have over a month until the deadline. It's a wonderful show and your quilts would love to be there.

I plan to enter a quilt.  Don't expect any awards, but it will be fun to try.  Does anyone know what the prize money is for each category, or where you can find that information?


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