I just received an email from AQS inviting me to enter a quilt in the AQS Lancaster show.  The email letter said they had seen my quilts here.  Is everyone getting these invites or did they possibly see one they liked?

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Good for you,we have our own quilt show here and there is no compatition.I am so glad so many love to share, we get the feed-back that is deserving, if someone likes your quilt, they let you know,if they don"t well that is welcome to, cause not all quilts please everybody. And somedays we ourselves don"t like what we"ve made or even why we made it. LOL.

I received an invitation email also.  Since I've entered local shows as well as the Vermont Quilt Festival (VQF), I'm taking a deep breath and giving AQS some serious thought.  At first I thought it was a mass mailing as well but now... Yikes!!   I'm definitely flattered and honored!

great! glad to see some positive responses to thier letter of invite. i, too, feel honored, and do so wish that i had something wonderfully interesting near enough to completion or completed to send photo cd of...if i did, i certainly would!

be cool, wouldn't i if all the quilts submitted by members of mqp were all displayed together at the show? sorta like a little shout out to quilters attending and displaying..."hey! looky here! what a talented group of quilters of so many diverse styles has gathered at My Quilt Place!"


That is actually a very good idea.  My Quilt Place could have its own section.


thank you...i just thought how cool it would be and what a great way ro show off the incredible accumulation of quilting talent on this site.

The quilters on this sight are great people, so many loving people to share  with.The people on this sight are real, I think we ought to create are own quilt show,  and thats exaactly what it would be, A QUILT SHOW and Share, we don"t need someone to tell us how crooked a line went, the colors don"t jive, or it"s the wrong size and don"t hang well enough. We are"nt out to play PACOSSO, we just love quilts and the people that are the makers. Just putting it out to the Universe,somedays I get  feeling  that we are forgetting what really means the most to us, and that is the people, and what can be created out of love without a money sign on it.

I feel honored that I got an invite. however I do not have anything to enter right now.  Maybe when I make something that is not for someone else :)

As the administrative assistant and social media specialist for AQS, I spend a lot of time viewing photos of quilts. I was excited when Meredith decided to send the message out to My Quilt Place quilters because there are lots of fantastic quilts shown on this site and all of you should really consider entering a quilt. Many first-time entrants have won. Those "big name" quilters started out the same way; sent in a quilt, prayed, crossed their finger and toes, and then WON. That can be you, too.

I recieved an invitation also and I thought this was very nice. The deadline is looming...November 15th. I don't think I can meet this deadline. I wish the invitation would have gotten out sooner. I'm working on a king size whole cloth quilt now but I don't think it will be finished in time. I may do a wall hanging depending on the size requirements. I think I could finish a wall hanging in time.  I have always been scared to enter any of my quilts (afraid of the quilt police) and this invitation gave me alittle bit of confidence in my work that maybe I should try to enter the AQS quilt show. I think some times we are very hard on ourselves..we are our very worst critics...I know I am. I hope to be able to submit something and that it gets accepted. I wish everyone that submits a quilt "The best of Luck". Keep your fingers crossed for me too. Thank you!


Kathy, So happy you are going to enter! You are right, we are our own worst critics. Maybe you can finish the whole cloth in time for the Paducah 2013 show. Good luck!

Thanks Sylvia.

Thank you Sylvia for answering our question.....so many of us received this invite.  I did feel honored.  My quilts are pretty but not for an AQS show.  I am a perfectionist and it shows compared to my girlfriends and female relatives that consider themselves "quilters".    I love to enter local shows and some smaller state wide shows but AQS.....I know I'm not that good.  If they have an area for amateurs maybe I would consider.  I have seen quilts from all over the world at the AQS shows and they are simply amazing, they even brought tears to my husbands eyes! 


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