I just received an email from AQS inviting me to enter a quilt in the AQS Lancaster show.  The email letter said they had seen my quilts here.  Is everyone getting these invites or did they possibly see one they liked?

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so true..tho i am not sure why i got one. you have some incredible quilts posted. i don't do machine embroidery, my style is traditional and for my little ones strictly nontraditional to this point. want fun & special for them... have thought about posting some of my quilts...but haven't yet. and i don't have access to them anyway, just photos i took at time of parting :)).

but still, i do think it is mighty special to recieve the invite, and for all here who have recieved the invite. there are some incredible quilts posted here made by fabulously talented nonprofessional quilt artists & newbies to the joy of quilting. i saw one here the other day...can't remember where i had wandered into, but it was a first quilt for this member...incredible talent.

June, have to disagree with your thought of everyone receiving an invite, I just checked my email & nope, no invite there ~nor did I expect one, I'm a beginner and not that talented.

I peeked @ your pics & I can only say that I understand why you received your invite. Also congrats on your placement, well deserved :-)

I purchased her book, I was inspired by it & hope to actually attempt a project from it @ some point.




I adore your work, just take your time and enjoy. Learning is the fun of it.

I also received one from AQS for me to enter.

I too got the invite. Maybe they sent it to all of us who have posted pictures? That sure would be a lot of e-mails to send. I have never entered. Maybe next year if I ever get the Asian fabric quilt done.

I also received an invitation and I feel quiet honored that my work was noticed! I plan to enter a wall hanging or two. I didn't see anything about hanging sleeves in the rules...not real sure how to put a sleeve on a round quilt.

Jeanie, Click on this link for instructions from Gail Garber on how to put a hanging sleeve on a round quilt: http://www.quiltviews.com/round-quilt-hanging-sleeve. Hope this helps. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrative Assistant

I got one, too! Not sure I'm quite up to the challenge yet, as my quilting is still pretty simple, but nice to know I'm on the right track.

sue halter commented in the mystery quilt group re: whether she should enter. tho she has now photos posted here...go check out her picassa page. there are so many talented people here. i refer to out little local quilt ahow that friends & put on for the city fall festival time as a "show & tell" for quilters to share thier beautiful quilts w our community and visitors from other communities that cone for the festival. we have lovely success in atracting both visitors and entries from surrounding communities. many of our quilts are lancaster quality...i guess i am on one of my soapboxes again, but i do hope that those of you who are so talented and are stating ...??? wheter you should or shouldn't well. think ya should. i do. you too sue halter, your quilts are beautiful, as are so many of your projects..

I looked at the email again this morning and was immediately nauseous, lol. I hope some of you do though, you all have some really beautiful pics in your files.

Glad to see this thread, as I too, received one of these invites & wondered if it were sent to everyone.  I have been considering entering in a show for a while now.  If I finish my current project soon, I just might try it.  The others who received an invite should, too!  You are all so talented & I love viewing other's works.  Have a super day!

I received that email also, but I'm thinking it is not a good idea to consider doing that, even if it was a real invitation.  I am assuming that you would need to send your quilt to be judged.  First thing... how would I know that my quilt would make it back home safely.  That is way too far away to even be a possible thought for me.


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