I just received an email from AQS inviting me to enter a quilt in the AQS Lancaster show.  The email letter said they had seen my quilts here.  Is everyone getting these invites or did they possibly see one they liked?

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Thank you.  I'm flattered.  I'll think about it, but seeing the quilts that usually win contest, I don't know if I'm near that quality.

oh yeah! sue...like the "happy quilt" so original and sooooo awsome!

The happy quilt is pretty darn great. I would have taken ten years to finish that thing.. assuming it ever got finished, lol.

I got one too, Sue..though I don't think I'll be doing it. I'm slightly nauseous just thinking about it.

Sue, I got an invitation also and am seriously considering it.  My main efforts are in wearable art, and I have entered before but never at the AQS Lancaster show.


I also received the same email. Entering a show is on my bucket list. But I have never done so. And not at at AQS level! I am in awe of my favorite Quilters at these shows. I recently went to Grand Rapids, while the quilts were fabulous, I felt the ropes were too far away to see there wonderful workmanship and skill level of these entries. Just a note this does not happen at NQA and IQA shows. I pasted a quilt I thought was painted and it was not! I found this out when it appeared on your magazine cover. Would have liked to see it up close.

Hi Lynn. Meredith Schroeder is the President of AQS. http://www.americanquilter.com/about_aqs/

Hopefully you consider entering something in this year's contest in Lancaster, PA.

Lynn, I received your questions about entering and sent it on to Andrea Fowler. She is at our Des Moines, IA, show this week and will return to the office next Monday. If you don't hear from Andrea by 10/12/12, give her a call at 270-898-7903, ext. 174, or send an email to andreafowler@aqsquilt.com. Andrea is our contest coordinator and should be able to answer all your questions about entering an AQS show. Hope you enter! Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrative Assistant

this isn't a scam sue. meredith schroeder is the president and founder of American QUilters Society. i have seen her name in several articles and on the aqs website/pages. i have also read articles re: the show she is mentioning & asking all of us members here at mqp to enter quilts into. i will not be submitting for lack of current project & not being in possession of any older projects. but people who have made such visually rich & original quilts like ginnie's "road to california" etc...there are sooooo many incredibly talented quilters here...many many professionals w websites and show ribbons etc...but quilters like ginnie and beth etc ...well...wow is so trite and silly when it comes to some of the quilts i see on here. so...i think that it is sooo cool that ms schroeder has extended these personal invites to we humble nonpro, for the most part :)), quilt enthusiastmembers here at mqp to enter the lancaster show instead of reading the adds in mags as i usually do lol! i wish i did have something to enter...i would soooo love to visit that region again! i never wanted to leave my beloved eastern pa home & friends and it's culture and history...both quilting and as related to american history fr pre-revoltionary to present. sigh! put another wanna live there again on my "bucket list" lollol!

Here I thought I was special being invited to the Lancaster  AQS show,Lol,wonder how many hundreds have been invited.

You are special pat, just like everyone else, lol. That's what one of my friends used to tell me whenever I got to thinking I was too big for my britches.

lollol!! now THAT'S the kind of friend we all should have! ....ocassionally.... :))


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