I just received an email from AQS inviting me to enter a quilt in the AQS Lancaster show.  The email letter said they had seen my quilts here.  Is everyone getting these invites or did they possibly see one they liked?

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June, I am so glad you are going to enter!! Click this link for a PDF of the 2013 contest rules. The prize categories and amounts are on the back page.


Thank you for the info.  I checked it out.  Very impressive amounts of money.  Even 3rd place in the All Categories doesn't look too shabby.

I plan to submit an entry for Paducah quilt show. I'm working on a quilt now and I don't think I can make deadline for Lancaster. It's going to take me 6 days to draw out my pattern over 40 hours of drawing. So far so good I'm 1/4 way LOL!  I demoed for Tin Lizzie booth on the sit down 18" long arm and I had a Blast last year! I will be demoing again this year for Tin Lizzie in Paducah. I love my sit down Tin Lizzie. I have over 75 flower designs that I print off onto fabric and I make sandwich's for everyone to sit and demo on the sit down Tin Lizzie. My idea was to share an awesome machine and also show that you can achieve the look of embroidery with out haveing a digital machine. It was a Blast! It would be very nice to have my first ever shown quilt at the quilt show in Paducah. It is going to make it to Paducah one way or the other :) I also saw that the quilts in Paducah will have evaluations letters this will be nice. I got to get BuSy !! If I hadn't recieved the nice letter I wouldn't have even thought about submiting an entry. I will cross my fingers that my quilt gets accepted to the show. Thanks for the invite.


Kind of know where you"re coming from on  that invite you got, cause I got the same thing and wondered to. And I"m way out of their league in those contest, quilting is"nt what it use to be just for the enjoyment of the art, or to leave memories for family and friends. It"s got to be big money and nothing else, for those of us that don"t have big money, well so be it. Give you an example of what happened to me this last week, I had went to a quilt shop here in town and wanted someone to help give me some ideas on how to set up  my quilting machine,(which I have now had for nearly a year). I was even willing to just watch, not create any vibes for the gal working, she bluntly told me she was not available and if I wanted something quilted that was fine at the price of 500 dollars, my husband was with me and he could"nt beleive that quilting outside of my sewing room was so negative, I tried to explain to him that not all true quilters are like that, they share and are glad to help each other, but when some forget about the fun and the real people involved with quiltering it kind of puts a sour taste in your mouth . I tried to tell him thats it"s a shame that something so enjoyable for some of us can be such a pain for others, OH YEH Sue , I hear ya loud and clear on that invite.?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Quilting is an art that is enjoyed at every level, by a multitude of people.  There are rude people out there no matter where you go, so you can't assume that every quilter is like those bad ones you have encountered.  I have been in quilt shops pretty much all across the country and as a rule, most people working in those shops are very friendly and helpful.  If I go in a shop and they are "rude" I turn around and walk out.  Too many shops out there to let a bad one put a bad opinion in your head.  I teach lots of people about the art that I enjoy so much, and everyone has different qualities they bring to their work.  If one isn't as good as she would like, I inform her that the quilt police are not going to be looking over her shoulder and any mistake can be fixed.  If they have done something wrong so that it would cause a problem to finish the project.... I sit there and show them how to take it out and fix it. You are right, quilting can cost alot of money, but I have made quilts from old jeans and flannel shirts that I bought at a thrift shop... and they have turned out great.  I have also spent large amounts of money and time on some other quilts.  I won't sit and quilt with someone who has to have the most expensive fabric and just the right technique... I quilt with ladies that enjoy the art.

Your quilts are stunning!

Cindy,what kind of quilting machine do you have?

you know cindy....i think that if she had seen your incredible quilts maybe... naw! mean nasty little people are just mean nasty little people. and that one had a machine...she was master...and you were a target for her mean little nasty du jour. sorta like the deer in the woods...innocently walking into the sites of the rifle. i feel so bad that someone as nice and as talented as you wandered into the sites of this mean spirited, nasty little creature. so glad your dh was with you. mine has been w me on a couple of occassions this has happened to me. not w quilting...just w doctors.

I received one and was flattered.


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