I just received an email from AQS inviting me to enter a quilt in the AQS Lancaster show.  The email letter said they had seen my quilts here.  Is everyone getting these invites or did they possibly see one they liked?

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she is still one of my best friends.. I know she'll always tell me if those jeans make my butt look big, lol

lollol!! ok! now i KNOW that is a "keeper" friend!!

I got one also.

Well so far, I have to say that I totally agree with all the choices of recipients for the email, all of you have some excellent quilts in your photos.

my 2 cents (for what it's worth)... All you ladies and men (?) who received an invitation, should enter a quilt. You each received the invite because you're worthy of it. Get an Rx from your doctors for the queasy (sp) stomaches. Go for it! :-)

I agree with Danielle. Lots of "first time" entrants win at shows. Why not you?!

I also received an email inviting me to enter the Lancaster Show.  My guess is this email went out to everyone who has posted pictures of their quilts on MYQUILT PLACE. 

Hi June,

As only the administrator for the MyQuiltPlace.com website, I can't say for certain how many invitations Meredith sent. I can assure you not everyone received an invitation. If you got a personal invitation from Meredith after she viewed your photos, you are definitely special, and do quality work!

thank you for your response here, i and others were certainly wondering whether or not we were just recipients of a mass mailing. so, i guess viki is right...we be special..i like that! thank you mqp for a great & fun place to hang w friends and "hang" some of our quilts too!

I to got an invite, but my judges are right here where I want them to be, they don"t judge , they just love ya for what you are. And I truely thank mqp for the chance to be in touch with so many wonderful people, keep in touch my friend, have a great night. Hugs---Cindy

Well after reading  this I feel very privileged. I too received the e-mail. I plan on starting with a more local show and maybe trying something more regional. My thought process went this way.... if Merideth liked them from pictures on the internet wait till she could see them for real.  the pictures just dont do them justice. I have attented the Houston show twice. when I get home and see the pics I took or see them on the "net", I know they are so much more fantastic in real life. This means we are working with a group of very talented quilters. Im waiting on other fabric for my background so I can get caught up I have the semi circles cut just waiting to do the blocks. Finally figured out how to sew the circles together.

I've also thought about entering a local show and I'll probably do that.  I'm afraid my quilts just aren't up to the standards of the national shows.  There is probably some sort of a mistake in every one of them.  The show quilters would probably have fixed the mistake... I take a good look at it and usually decide that it will be ok.  I know on the Happy Quilt that I jogged into the applique pieces twice while I was stippling... it is a tiny mistake, but I know it's there.

It was flattering to get the invite - now that we know there was a bit of a selection process.


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